President Obama’s Great Opportunity

The illegality of the Bush regime has placed America at a turning point. This is not new. It happened before with the Nixon tenure and we failed to meet the challenge presented us. Gerald Ford prevented us from establishing the rule of law as the foundation upon which our country will forever stand. Instead we replaced the rule of law with the rule of those that see themselves as our natural rulers.

This has allowed those in positions of power to feel that they have rights that the rest of us don’t possess which has allowed our Presidents to dictate to us their vision rather than help us realize our vision for ourselves. President Barack Obama is again at the same crossroad as Gerald Ford was. Will he bring the Bush people to justice forever establishing that America is based on the rule of law or will he cave in to pressure to do nothing for the sake of political harmony? 


2 Responses to “President Obama’s Great Opportunity”
  1. Osama Shahzad says:

    Technically speaking, in an ideal democracy, the idea is that every person in the country has equal power. The problem is however, that people who are in positions of power usually exploit that power and take advantage of the masses. This is not only evident with presidents, but also with multi-million dollar corporations. Just to name a few, companies like NIke and Guess produce consumer inventory for extremely low prices and sell them to the American public for ten fold the price.

  2. Jessica Jadalli says:

    Ideally, we would like to live in a society where everyone has equal rights, a democratic nation. However, it is not like that, people in high positions tend to utilize their power in vindictive ways. Obama seems to be optimistic to “change” our society although nothing has happened yet; I feel Obama will attempt to break the corruptive cycle.

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