Republicans are they Patriots or Not?

Even in these times of crises the Republicans have shown how obstructionist they really are. They don’t seem to want to see President Obama succeed. In fact many Republicans seem to want to see the economic collapse of America just as long as no Democrat is successful. Are these Republicans the patriots that they always claim to be? I don’t think so!


5 Responses to “Republicans are they Patriots or Not?”
  1. Christopher Graham says:

    The Republican Party would rather see them selves succeed over our nation. They are responsible for this economic crisis and had no intentions of changing their ways so we could over come this crisis. They are stuck in their ways of making the rich richer and the poor poorer. This is why I am glad to have Obama as a president, let’s just hope he can do what he says.

  2. Jared Brizuela says:

    What is your evidence that the Republican party wants to see an economic collapse of America over the succesfulness of Democrats? I need to see proof about this, because if it is true, then it is their responsibility for the economic crisis that is happening.

  3. Art 101: JDelijani says:

    Perhaps the republicans arn’t prejudice over obama because of the fact that he is a democrat, but because they don’t agree that his reforms would be for the greater good of this nation. On the other hand, they are most likely just looking for personal self gain and a democrat coming into power wouldn’t allow them to have the political standing they want.

  4. Guillermo Ortiz says:

    President Obama is not a republican, it might be in the republicans nature to believe that they have a better approach of solving the economic crisis. Yet again, a republican would rather have things the way they are. they would rather live just like the 50s. the Democrats might have one way of solving the economic crisis than the republicans , but it is best if they work together.

  5. Jessica Jadalli says:

    The Republican Party is filled with egotistical people that I believe would rather see our nation fall under democratic rule than to overcome this economic crisis. Although, they are two different parties with completely different opinions I feel that the cooperation of both parties is they key to defeat this economic status of our country.

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