Expectations for a Pax Obama

With only one day behind us in the Obama Presidency the anticipation for something new, something wishful and something inspiring has dominated our thoughts. What we are asking of our new young President is nothing more than a Pax Obama that will rejuvenate us and remake us anew.


2 Responses to “Expectations for a Pax Obama”
  1. Jamie Eustice says:

    I know this is a short one but i felt the need to comment because it bothered me from the beginning that the thought of ‘change’ has been shoved down our throats so much. Allow me to explain. Obama promised change and people these days are very impatient. The second he was put into office people expected major change, but if you look at where we are today and since the election and where we were before then, not much has changed. This to me is reasonable because change takes time I just think that the fact that it takes time should have been addressed in the first place because now people are not seeing the changes they thought they would be seeing so immediately and getting frustrated at this. Change is good and so is optimism don’t get me wrong i just think being realistic and honest serves a better purpose for the nation so we are not filled with such high expectations that we expect to be immediately gratified.

  2. Jessica Jadali says:

    I believe we are putting unrealistic pressures on our President for change. Citizens seemed to have been expecting a difference from the day he was sworn in, however change takes time. People’s lack of patience infuriates me because Obama is doing his job, it may not have been instant but things are changing and people need to begin appreciating that.

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