Congratulations President Obama!

Congratulations President Obama! We all wish you the best tenure and stand ready to support you in taking our nation and the world in a new direction. Mr. President, please bring us together and make more of us collectively than we now are separately. Give us a new image in which we will see our own reflections in each other’s eyes.


2 Responses to “Congratulations President Obama!”
  1. Jason M (art 101) says:

    I think we need to congratulate he president again. I know this blog was started right at the beginning of his presidency. We are lucky to have this man leading us into the future. He really seems to care for not only the best interests of Americans, but the best interests of Earthlings. He really is a global leader. It amazes me that so many closed minded folks bash this man. They even blame him for not getting us out of the mess that he inherited. It took eight long years to create this monster and now that Obama hasn’t fixed everything in less than two years, the Republicans are furious with him. How did they forget how we got into this mess. When Clinton was in office, we had no debt and very not in the middle east. The elder Bush and his son left office with troops abroad and huge debts. I am puzzled how Republicans either forget this or make excuse as to why the Bush boys did the best they could and it really wasn’t their fault. They feel that it was unfortunate that our country had certain thing happen that put us in such dire straights. If only they would give this current President the same leeway to operate and keep an open mind, they would see what a blessing it is to have him lead us into the unknown.

  2. Dianna Nomanim says:

    Even I had hope that President Obama would have been a great President throughout his term but he has been in office for close to two years and he has essentially completed nothing. He gave hope that he would lead our country into a better, more progressive society. However Obama was given a nation that was already falling apart. People don’t recognize that the state of the nation was already flawed even before Obama came into Presidency. The war in Iraq, brought on during Bush’s Presidency, was an immense mistake. Thousands of soldiers were killed and billions of dollars have been used to pay for this war and it is still going on. Except we cannot blame Bush or Obama. Obama is continuing Bush’s policy on war. Our troops are still in Iraq and nobody still knows when they will be returning, therefore how much more they have to spend on war. I strongly disagree with the amount of control the government has. Our government is too big and is spending a large amount of money that we don’t have. What the Democrats and Republicans are doing to this country is intolerable. Instead of everyone getting together and devising ideas of what they can do for our country, everyone is blaming someone else for the problems they have started. We have to begin to take this country back on top and innovate new ideas to make this country more safe and worthy to live in, for our children. After all, they shouldn’t pay for our mistakes.

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