The Civil Rights of Barack Obama

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The linkage that Barack Obama has made between himself and Dr. Martin Luther King is not simply a matter of race. Rather it is about civil rights and the fact that we all have civil rights that cannot be taken away from us because they were not given to us by any person but rather we are born with them and, therefore, no one has the right to deny anyone else their civil rights. Barack Obama’s election is a testament to the fact that he has a civil right to be President of the United States rather than being allowed to be President by the white ruling establishment.


One Response to “The Civil Rights of Barack Obama”
  1. Jessica Jadali says:

    The connection between Obama and Martin Luther King is a very good correlation for Obama, I believe he has used it to help justify himself and his presidency. That a black man is able to lead the United States of America. Many people have attempted to bring him down and take away his presidency, but I am happy to see that he has withheld his position and shown that he just as well as anyone else earned his right as president of the United States and deserves it by all means.

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