The Need for Educational Experimentation

Creating an educational system that could change and grow as the needs of society and students change is what will be needed to meet the many changes that tomorrow will bring. We have yet to understand the full possibilities that new forms of education could provide us with. Therefore, we must create an educational environment that will allow for the greatest degree of educational experimentation to occur.

To create a world in which everyone will have a place, we need to make everyone part of the process. This will require that we incorporate the capabilities of as many people as we can in the construction of their own institutions. If we are going to provide education to all of the people, then we will need new ways of educating ourselves, which will allow us to develop our various capabilities. 


2 Responses to “The Need for Educational Experimentation”
  1. Genoveva Poblano says:

    I agree with this because for the most part not everyone learns the same way. The education system is tailored for only a certain type of learning. Which even so it is not the best way to get the most out of an education. There are people who may understand what the textbook may say but when it comes to the real world they might not know how to apply their acquired skills and knowledge to life. Also people should not have to choose to learn something just because they are told to, they should be able to examine the information themselves and experiment with different ideas.

  2. David Marias says:

    This is a great idea, customized education and schools. Theoretically, students would be able to excel in their strongest area and increase their knowledge base in the most effective manner. Sadly, money is a big issue. If the government or private individuals would open free or low cost schools like these, the idea might work. Funding always destroys the best ideas, and this idea of experimentation could possibly work with enough money.

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