A Totally New Way of Educating People

A flexible education system would demand the creation of a totally new way of educating people, one that could be tailored to their needs and that of the industries that would employ them. It would have to be as flexible as the needs of the students that it would be servicing. It would also have to be able to gear itself to the changing requirements of the various industries of society. This type of education system would individualize education to the needs of the student as well as to the institutional necessities of the industries within society.


This is exactly the type of educational system that I propose because it would create the educational diversity needed to change with society and each student’s educational needs. This type of education system would allow us to take advantage of each student’s natural learning capabilities as well as the creative potential of their teachers. This would allow us to tailor educational services to fit the needs of society’s institutions, business, and of course each student’s personal requirements which would allow us to maximize our full human potential.


By individualizing education, we would be able to develop the individual ability of every member of society by tailoring education to the various educational needs of society, its students, and their teachers. This would allow education to adapt itself and change with the educational needs of its students and society. Each generation would then be able to create an education system tailored to their own needs, which would provide them with the particular personal and generational needs that they would require for themselves.


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  1. Sheryl says:

    Have you read Disrupting Class by Christensen, Johnson and Horn?

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