Making Education Flexible and Relevant

The time to tailor degrees to the abilities of the student instead of forcing every student to conform to a single standard has come. In a world with increasing complexity, the instruction of society in a method devised to conform to a single standard is not only shortsighted but also wasteful. Tomorrow will require that we be able to recreate ourselves many times over which will necessitate that we have available to us the means necessary to reinvent ourselves. The educational systems that we have in place today were not designed to deal with the complex needs that a global tomorrow will require.


The world is entering a time of increasing change when the need for a flexible education system that can tailor itself to the needs of both the industries of society as well as the individual needs of those that will be staffing them, will continually increase. Tomorrow’s industries will need to be able to organize themselves to fit the particular requirements of specific projects and programs that they would be designed to provide. This would require that those people that were to staff these new types of industries would also have to be as flexible as the industries that need them. 


One Response to “Making Education Flexible and Relevant”
  1. Jamie Eustice says:

    As a college student, I completely agree with this. From my own personal experience, I know that I want to get a degree in business. The problem with the educational, specifically college, system is that the process of it does not make very much sense. By me knowing that i want to pursue a degree in business, i should not be forced to take classes that do not pertain to my degree. This may not be the situation for everyone and i do know that some people need time to figure out what they want to do, many students do know and instead of being able to start on the road to their chosen career, we are forced to obtain 60 units of general education before being able to transfer to a school more equipped for our major. I think this is a waste of time and tends to keep students in school as much as twice as long. A possible solution for this would be once getting out of highschool and attending a college whether it be community, state, or university, to take a mandatory personal development class so the student can figure out the road that is right for them before wasting money, time, and space on classes that do not pertain to their interest. This would help the over crowding, the dropping of classes, the failing of classes and put the educational system back on the right track where it is meant to help not hurt.

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