Augmenting our Education System in New Ways

We have entered a time when education is becoming evermore important and our current education systems can’t keep up. We will need a new way of massively providing education to an increasingly larger part of the population. In a world that will require a new way of looking at ourselves, we will need an education system that will be capable of growing and changing with the needs of the public.


To achieve this, a new way of educating ourselves must precede it. What I am proposing is a radically new way of educating ourselves that will unleash our potential. This would allow us to envision what we now can’t even image, which will permit us to obtain what is now unattainable to us.


We need a new way of educating ourselves, one that is flexible and will allow us to take advantage of our strengths as well as shore-up our weaknesses. Therefore, instead of everyone going for a single standard, I suggest that we create many standards to fit our many possibilities. This would allow many different forms of education to development to meet the varied needs that the public will have.


2 Responses to “Augmenting our Education System in New Ways”
  1. Nisha says:

    I think the whole education system is joke. I attend a 4-year university, and Ive noticed that the classes they offer, the times they’re held, and the ridiculous process of completing X amount of classes, is set up in a way to make you fail, or spend more money… most likely the latter. I can apply my own experience to this article. I would have loved to be a Music major, specializing in Vocals, however, because I lacked the classical training, regardless of how talented I may or may not have been, I was denied access to develop my skills in the area I was most interested in, forced to be a part of a larger whole, a more common interest. I feel like the education system has deprived me of my identity and is therefore creating a more monotonous society by everyone doing the same things. I can only hope that one day, the government will see the need for diversity.

  2. calvin montano says:

    A new and more flexible way to educate ourselves would be a tremendous gain fo everyone. Everyone is different and has many different learning ways. We need to build newer educational structutres that are more flexible to everyone. This will inspire more creativity in everything. People would begin to grow very creative in many different subjects such as art, history, or business. This will create a more intelligent and well rounded new poplulation.

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