New Conditions Require a New Way of Educating

In a time when the new conditions that we face are global in nature, it will require a new way of educating ourselves to be able to even see ourselves within this new reality. Therefore, in order to extend our educational capabilities, we need to create a new educational system that can meet the increasing needs of society and its students.


We need to create a new parallel education system that can augment our current education system. It would have to work in concert with today’s educational systems so that they could nourish each other. It would also have to be a decentralized and flexible system because it would also have to be able to establish itself around the needs of the student as well as those of society and its institutions. And it would have to be able to locate itself anywhere the educational need called for them to be applied. 


2 Responses to “New Conditions Require a New Way of Educating”
  1. Osama Shahzad says:

    I agree, we absolutely need a new education system. After just getting out of the current K-12 education system I found if full of holes and faults. It is rather funny, people who havent been in any school or have had any sort of education for years are now dictating what kids of the future will learn. Which reminds me of the entire controversy regarding The Texas Board of Education. We have men and women in this board who are taking out things from US history such as capitalism and immigrant struggle. And since Texas is the largest state, the entire country might implement these new learning standards. Quite sad.

  2. Michelle Betancourt says:

    Yes, with the new place we are in now, a new educating system is needed. The needs of our students have changed! The system we have in place now is geared to one type a child, I do not believe it fulfills the needs of every type of child out there. It is clear by looking through statistics that our current systems is failing greatly, it is no wonder why the drop out rate is going up.

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