Rethinking our Education system

Our current education system is over-stretched and out of focus. It was designed to educate us about the things of the past. And therefore it has been about disseminating the ideas of the past and not to transcend them.


Institutions reflect the ideas of the era in which they were formed. Therefore, today’s education system is a result of the time that created it. Our education system today, like all education systems in general, was formed to reinforce the ideas of the past in the name of maintaining the present. Because education systems in general were not structured to think of tomorrow as something not directly linked to the past, they could not see the future for the past.


This preoccupation with the past has determined our way of thinking about the function of education. Because our current education system is backward looking it finds it difficult to cope with the changing situations that it and today’s students find themselves in.


While in some cases this connection with the past is necessary as a foundation, in terms of envisioning a new future beyond our past, our education system was not designed to create something different from the past.


To overcome the problems that tomorrow will bring, we will need a new way of seeing ourselves beyond the ways of the past.  In order to create a new future, what will be required is to create an education system that will allow us to separate ourselves from our past. This will require that we develop new ways of thinking about the future that will allow us to visualize ourselves differently than we have in the past.


2 Responses to “Rethinking our Education system”
  1. Aida Akhavan says:

    America was founded by educated people and education has always been important to us. Unfortunately economical problems are affecting our education system and educators goals. Some have lost hope in ever finding work after graduating. Teachers have lost enthusiasm to teach and inspire their students, due to being under paid, over worked and under appreciated. We need a great education reform and it should be a responsibility taken on by all of us in the education system, wether it is the parents, teachers, administration and even the government. America is the greatest nation on this earth, lets keep it going for generations to come.

  2. Sylvester Rimando says:

    To Professor Angelo Allen,

    The American educational system seems as stagnant since the funding for education has been constantly being cutted back. In that sense, our country had achieve little or no improvement to garner efforts at pressuring students to do well in academics especially in standardized exams. There need to be a way for our country to better restructure its educational system so that the students will excel in their futures.

    Sylvester Rimando
    Art 101 student Spring 2013 semester
    Mon. & Thur. 1:00pm-2:55pm

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