We Need a New Way of Providing Education

In a world that is continually changing, the challenges that will be faced by us must be preceded by a new way of seeing. Therefore, instead of everyone adhering to a single educational standard that tends to fail more than educate, I suggest that we create many different types of educational standards to tap the abilities of the people that we will need to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.


To meet these new challenges will require that we tap all of our human capabilities, which will necessitate developing the many different ways of education needed to establish them. What I am proposing is opening up education to new ways of providing our educational needs that will give us the flexibility needed to allow us to change with the needs of society.


This would allow us to provide ourselves with multiple forms of education that will permit us to take advantage of our strengths, which will allow us to reinvent ourselves in new ways. This open form of education would permit us to unleash our human potential and obtain for ourselves what is now unattainable. 

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