America is an idea

America is an idea. It is about the freedom to pursue what you want to be. It is about being what you wish to be tomorrow and today.  As an idea, America is not just for Americas, it is for all those that believe in the idea of freedom and liberty for all and the opportunities necessary to achieve them.


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  1. Lilit Akilian says:

    It seems that everytime I hear the word “America”, it is followed by “freedom”. Almost everyone who does not live in America believe that this is the place for freedom and opportunity. Is it true or is this merely a myth? I think that we, as Americans, should take a poll to find out what American society thinks about their country of freedom.

    I would admit however that America is a country of freedom and opportunity but not everyone will agree. For example the many who are stuck in prison or are being departed back to their native countries came for freedom, but didn’t get any.

  2. Julie Birch says:

    What “America” stands for is definitely an idea that plenty of people around the world would desire for their own lives. I know that our “freedom” isn’t always perfect, but it is preferable any day over what people have to deal with in other countries that do not allow as much personal freedom. Those people that complain about their freedom in this country should try living in any one of the many countries that have more rogue self-serving governments and see if they don’t develop a deep appreciation for what they have.

  3. Rachel says:

    The name America the continent does not apply to North America in the United States only. There is Mexico, Central, and South America. They can also be considered fellow Americans from the West hemisphere. The governments, cultures, language, politics, and flag are completely different, but the name itself is foreign. Insensitively, It is like the native people (indigenous) were invisible and where never here before European settlers. America is named after Amerigo Vespucci an italian explorer who supposedly discovered America before Colombus. Even our Statue of Liberty is foreign, it is a symbol of freedom and democracy, she was given to us from France by sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi after the American Revolution.
    North America in United States is an idea of many immigrants, even if the four fathers of this country had another concept of culture when they wrote our constitution. It is important to remember that one of the reasons the United States of America is successful, it is because we have the best from different cultures and countries who enrich this nation. Our language is American English, but the language originally came from England. United States citizens can set high expectations in the United States, but when we set foot on other foreign lands, we need to learn respect and make an effort to understand others cultures, customs, laws, and languages.
    For immigrants coming to the United States, this country welcomes them, but it is not free, it costs money to be accepted legally here. There are law restrictions, work status restrictions, and fees. There are many reasons, not everyone is allowed freedom and opportunity to live here. People travel from far away places and sacrifice everything even family for a second chance. Many cases immigrants are denied that opportunity. Everyone pays their dues for a better future, it is a real challenge. Many immigrants prefer their beautiful countries culture, food, nature, customs, and language, but because of political reasons or economic living standards they come to the United States. Immigrants striving for a better future, have to learn to adapt to the laws, the language, and American culture. It’s the American dream. The American culture in the U.S. is not always friendly or sensitive to foreigners or even accepting at times. Perfect country does not exist, every country has it’s problems. Politics are corrupted, it is all over the world. America the idea is diversity. Understanding our cultural richness makes us United States of America.

  4. Christopher Graham says:

    America is an idea that we as a society can accomplish more than the average person can imagine. America is a sign of hope that can never die. America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. Over all what I am saying is America is everything great in this world.

  5. melissa naimi says:

    this is very true. but also i believe that america is the land where everyone is trying to pursuit hapiness. although everyones view on hapiness and what hapiness is, is different for each individual.

  6. Lester Telon says:

    “It is about the freedom to pursue what you want to be. It is about being what you wish to be tomorrow and today.”

    It gets harder day by day to achieve what you really want in America. I noticed every book I read, the main theme is the death of the American Dream (Great Gatsby, Of Mice and Men, Death of a Salesman to name a few)

    I think thats what the founding fathers wanted it to be America to be about. To have the freedom to pursue what you want to be. It gets more impossible as time goes by though..

  7. Michelle Betancourt says:

    American likes to throw around words like “freedom” and “liberty” but these are merely ideas. How can we really be free when we do not all share equal rights. This is a scam, its to create this illusion that in America anything can happen, but its not true. Within class and race there are connections, the white man is still at the top. Yes, some people are free in this country but not everyone has these rights.

  8. Shanilla Natanzi says:

    I completely agree, America does seem like its basic role as a nation is to promote the “idea” of freedom and justice. However, I do not fully believe that America is living up to its expectations. As for the topic of freedom, no one is truly free until they have they have the same rights as others. There are always exceptions to these rights, such as gay and lesbian marriage. They do not have the ability to marry their loved ones inmost states in what we call “America”. If America would like to be a free and justice nation, it should not limit anyones rights and should give all individuals fair treatment as well as equal rights.

  9. Marina Sek says:

    When the forefathers decided to break away from British control and form this “concept” that would become the United States, they knew they were taking a risk of not only failing with that plan but losing their lived at the hand of the Biritsh crown. Still, their dream was far stronger than their fears, and as such, we have a place where we can only be limited by the limits of our own imaginations. Tge forefatheres proved that if it can dreamt, it can also be possible.

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