What is America?

What many other countries see as a detriment is what gives America its strength and makes it unique. America’s sense of itself is based on how it sees itself in terms of its future and not on how it saw itself in the past as other nations tend to do. While other counties tend to see themselves in terms of where they came from, America is always about where it is going.

It has been said that America is an idea, which is what I believe allows America to change as quickly as its idea of itself changes. The fact that there are as many Americas as there are ways to describe her, is what makes America unique. There never was a single sense of what America was or what America is and there never will be if America is to remain America.


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  1. Steve says:

    I really like the first paragraph where you describe America as a nation that looks forward upon its self instead of backward.

    Until I read this I never really thought of the United States in this way. In fact I never thought of world politics in this way but I think that you are absolutely correct.

    Going out on a limb here, but I think that the fact that we as Americans look to the future that we move quickly from our mistakes and look forward to our next triumphs. I think this is difficult for other nations as that many of our mistakes are made both at home and abroad and have often touched (at the very least) these other nations and it becomes difficult for them to forgive and forget.

    However with that said I think that along with the ability to move forward comes the American ability to forgive and forget. When you look at the number of principal countries that we have been to war with and have been our bitter enemies that then you fast forward 50 years and many have become good nation friends and allies.

    Great insight!

  2. Peter Lüder says:

    Was ist Amerika?

    Amerika- Ein Gedanke, eine Vorstellung von Freiheit!
    Amerika ist seit über 150 Jahren der Inbegriff von Freihet. Die freiheitlichen Grundgedanken und die unendliche Weite Amerikas, veranlasste viele Menschen der Welt nach Amerika auszuwandern und es zu ihrer neuen Heimat zu machen. Amerika ist nun nicht nur eine Idee schlechthin, sondern es ist eine Realität.
    Was aber verstehen wir uter dem Wort” Freiheit”?
    Freiheit ist , ” Ein durch Erkentniss und Beherrschung der objektiven Gesetzmä?igkeiten in Natur und Gesellschaft bestimmtes Verhältnis des Menschen zur Umwelt, daß sich in gesellschaftlichen Handeln verwirklicht”. In einer Klassengesellschaft aber, die wir meiner Meinung nach überall haben, trägt die Freiheit allerdings Klassencharackter. Das heißt also, in Klassengesellschaften in denen wir leben, wird es schwierig sein die Gesetze der Gesellschaft, wie auch der Natur unbehindert diese Klassenschranken immer besser zu erkennen und zu beherrschen.
    Aus diesem Grunde ist es notwendig, das sich die Menschen der jeweiligen Länder das Recht auf dieses Beherrschen und Erkennen einfordern, wie durch Bildung und Mitbestimmung was mit ihrer Umwelt geschieht.
    Nun giebt es sehr viele Menschen die meinen, sie könnten die Freiheit in vollen Zügen ausleben, ohne Einschränkungen. Diesen Leuten muß man allerdings sagen auch die Freiheit hat Grenzen. Auch die von Amerika ist nicht grenzenlos. Freiheit muß sich ständig erarbeitet werden, sie wird niemandem geschenkt.
    Wie die momentane Krise zeigt, wenn gewisse Leute das Wort ” Freiheit” zu wörtlich nehmen und ausschließlich in ihre eigene Tasche wirtschaften, kann es durchaus zum Ruin der Gesellschaft führen.

    Peter Lueder
    Buelower Burg

  3. Lilit Akilian says:

    America is whatever we believe it to be. That is a question with no right or wrong answer, so your answer to that question is merely your opinion.

    “America is a free country.”
    “America is a place for dreams and opportunity.”

    Some may agree and some may disagree.
    We all have our opinions.

  4. Rachel says:

    America is not as free as it pretends to be. As Americans, we are controlled in a different way… with money. The Government still has some control what we do in order to keep us in order… We pay taxes. Most Americans work hard for what we have, it’s survival. It is all about greed, beating the system, about winning and making money than doing a good deed. Money can set your freedom in America. People with a great deal of money can manipulate the system by networking and profit from cheap labor, mostly poor immigrants. This is probably the best country compared to other countries living conditions to be rich or be poor and miserable for not being rich. Everyone has to work hard to live here and to be able to keep whatever we own. In America, people live to work, this is the opportunity and our dreams depend on it.

  5. Julie Birch says:

    I think this uniqueness of America is due to a few different factors: First, we are a relatively young country, so there hasn’t been enough time for a staunch culture and way of life to set in. Second, our country is made up of an innumerable amount of different kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds, which automatically leads to many different sources of input. Third, there is a seemingly unexplainable need for almost constant change that is insatiable. These things certainly do make our America unique and wonderful.

  6. Lori Edukugho says:

    America an idea, hmmm… I’ve never heard it described that way. As an idea, you’re right! I believe ALL people should be entitled to the same freedom, opportunities, liberties etc, as we Americans are privileged to. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for many. The world may be a better place, if the America idea was a global idea.

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