Living Sustainably

The needs of the natural environment can only be met if we relate to it in a sustainable way. This sustainable way of connecting to the natural environment must be interwoven with our capability to recycle as many of its natural resources as we can.


3 Responses to “Living Sustainably”
  1. Lilit Akilian says:

    You’re right. I think we’ve been blinded to how precious nature is. We take it for granted. We want resources that are hard to get. Most of us don’t recycle but we USE. If we use, we should recycle so we can RE-USE. It should be a way of life. That’s how we should sustain nature.

  2. Genoveva Poblano says:

    Not only do we have to recylce but we have to adjust our ways of living from a once wasteful society to a sustainable soceity. At the rate that we use all our resources up there will be shortages and so much garbage sitting there in landfills. People have this idea that “going green” is just a way to get people to buy new products for a much higher cost but that is not the case. The whole notion of going green is to be able to keep the Earth and everyone on it as healthy as we can because if we don’t then our children and next generations will suffer the hardships of cleaning up after us. The population keeps on getting bigger and bigger. That means morre trash and more waste. The trash that sits there in the landfills rott and that rotting liquid seeps into the cracks of the concrete bin that it sits in and is soaked up by our Earth. Do we really want to set ourselves up for situations like these?

  3. Jason M (art 101) says:

    Ironically, the problem might be the thing that led to the biggest advancement of the human race. I’m talking about agriculture. Thats right, agriculture. Did you know that hunting and gathering societies could only support less than one person per square mile. A step up was horticulture and pasturalism. This way of life could support roughly 260 people per square mile. Enter the agricultural revolution. This amazing “invention” can support an otherworldly 90,000 people per square mile. It doesn’t take a genius to see that this number is nowhere near a sustainable level. About 50% of the world is without proper food or water. This is because our planet is simply overpopulated. Unfortunately because of agriculture, our planet has exploded with people. Now we need to slow down and take a good look at how to manage a major problem. Recycling is a huge step. Otherwise we will run out of certain vital things and chaos will ensue. Some other things to think about are not wasting water, composting left over edibles, carpooling, planting more trees, conserving electricity, and on and on the list goes. Unfortunately many people still don’t realize the magnitude of the problem and it is scary to think of how much worse things may get before real action is taken.

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