Art as Commodity

Because of the nature of the art industry, art has become a commodity. And like a commodity, it is in constant search for something new and different to offer the public. Today because of our market orientated society one of the problems is that we tend to see everything as a commodity and art is no exception.


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  1. Jeremy Lutz says:

    I agree with you to the fullest extent. To me I look at past art and am amazed and the time and effort artists would put into their work. To them their art was not something they did to create money but instead was something created to move the populace. It is for this exact reason that I just cannot comprehend modern day art. I feel like the time and effort put into these painings is so minimal that it cant possibly be used as something to move society. Instead I feel it has like you have said become more of a commodity. Something created in a short amount of time to be mass produced and sold for maximum profit. I am looking forward to an era of art where we move farther from thinking about the basics and instead use those basics to create new found and wonderful moving peices. If you have a site or a way to explain modern art in a way that can get me to be more interested in it I would happily spend the time to research it.

  2. Ben Yakobi says:

    Art has always been a commodity. The only difference is that up to the 20th century it was in rather small supply. Today art has become so common that though it is still a commodity it isnt all that special. There is to much exposure and not enough thought put into art by the public. Therefore like any other commodity art has to change in order to shock people.

  3. Joyce Okorie says:

    Yes i agree, the world has turned into a place where everything is a commodity and the true values of older things and arts have decreased also. Art is no exception because you can view it at many places unlike in the past when it’s hard to find. Everyone is always looking for something new to keep up with the new futuristic thoughts and our younger generation who are always searching for something new.

  4. Aubrey Cabellon says:

    Art is only a commodity when we find that there is value in it. It is human nature to want what others find fascinating and that is when art becomes a commodity to the human eye. What we do not realize is that a masterpiece in one person’s mind is not one in another’s.

  5. Kevin Tan says:

    As an avid dry media artist, it pains me to see what happens when art isn’t appreciated as his own expression of self. By all means, if an artist wishes to sell his own work for the purposes of improving his own well-being, he is free to do so. It is often times the buyer that I take issue with. Since they treat it as a commodity, they see it as a fashion statement that can pass as quickly as, say, the counter-culture of the 60′s or disco in the 70′s.

  6. Doris Silvana Reyes says:

    Like a consumer that in her own reasons and possibilities look for the satisfaction of her necessities, i can say that Art was always a commodity, for the artist that live from the product of his work or for that one that never receive a material exchange for that, the Art that he produce it is not for himself it is to sell his idea to somebody else, and i am not taking about money, i am taking about show the expression of the artist to a 3rds. The only difference is that now we live in a extended worldwide economy that permit this exchange to more people

  7. Patricia Chavez says:

    I truly believe that we as a society have lost our sense of what’s important. we tend to see everything as a money making opportunity. This idea applies to everything we do.

  8. Julie Birch says:

    That art is a commodity in our consuming society is not a surprise really. Art is a created thing just like all of the goods we buy, except that art is personal. We don’t need it; we want it, we crave it. Peoples need to feel whatever connection they get from a piece of artwork is what gives the piece monetary value, although the feeling itself can be priceless. What I have found as I have entered the art world on a personal level, doing some creating of my own, is that my feeling of somewhat indifference towards other people’s creations has turned to great appreciation, if not for each individual piece, but for the personal intimate contribution made by each artist and the ability to bring something out of themselves into something tangible.

  9. Rachel says:

    Unfortunately, Nothing is free. Everything that exists, art included has a price tag. Our societies have been set up this way throughout history. Art has become a commodity because it has been used to reinvent cultures and make distinctions among class systems in society. In ancient times, Artist were simply slaves to the rich and the materials used to build or create art were expensive. Historically, Art is expensive when it is high demand, but you have to be wealthy to own it. Most artist want their work to be marketable, recognized, valued and remembered. For that reason, Art has become a business in the modern world.

  10. Kenneth Cachola says:

    I do believe art has become a commodity in this culture. Our society evolves, and it will continue to evolve till the earth ends. It’s not really a big surprise that art is commodity because are environment always looks for something innovated, and new. Something to make us say, wow that’s really something that is new, and make it modern to are generation.

  11. melissa naimi says:

    with this economy. yes art is a commodity. people everywhere are trying to get their hands on money, and if they can do it by making art , which if you ask me, is something that comes from within, and takes alot of emotions and expression, to really become a peice of art, and become sucessful. but then again sucessful art is in the eye of the beholder

  12. Yasamin Boromand says:

    In fact looking at art as a commodity in such a materialistic society gives art more importance regardless of whether it is being appreciated for its superficial beauty or its inward message. If an artist runs his area of his expertise with a business-like manner, he can broadcast his works better to feed audiences’ fantasy with his outlook.
    Nowadays, with considering the fact that there are a lot of hands involved in the art industry, going forward with knowledge in business helps an artist to represent himself stronger even with more spices add to the content to exaggerate his precious efforts in deciphering new visual layers of our surroundings.
    On the other hand,I don’t look at this issue as a problem. Also, I think technology overshadows the pure meaning of life, also art, and beside that fact we need a big revolution in the art industry to highlight the meaning of art in the mold of every society. Art is a commodity that feeds human’s brain rather than his blood. Therefore, art must be treated like any other commodity to not lose the consumers’ demands.
    By the way, I like the way Jeff Koons introduces himself in selling his art works and making lump sums out of them. Well, this is not the Stone Age, It’s 2010 when the expenses are back-breaking; art works must be treated as goods to make a living for the creators.

  13. Stephen Greenfield says:

    If art is a commodity, and in constant search for something new and different to offer the public, what is wrong with that? If art isn’t viewed as a commodity than some forms of art will only serve the creator. That is, it will not have any worth to others. There is no problem with art that only serves one person, but if the art community doesn’t always search for something new and different then it will stand still.
    One practical example of this could be representational art. If I were an artist and I never changed or looked for something different, my art could become meaningless for my time. The purpose of my art is to represent my culture. that the work depicts something easily recognized by most people. If there was an artist today that only produced art work in ancient Egyptian style it would be viewed as novelty. Novelty because it has no meaning, no connection to our current culture (speaking form my culture’s perspective).
    Art must always be looking for new things and new mediums. For if it doesn’t, the meaning behind art will be left behind and only understood by past generations.

  14. Ethige Silva says:

    As we live in a money minded world it is true that many things in this world has been valued through money. And it is true that art has become one of those victims. Changing that will be impossible as money is dominating the world day by day.

  15. Cassandra Oliphant says:

    I agree, it’s always been about money. Like recently, I closed a bank account I had with Chase bank because my poor tiny account was being drained because of the service fee, which was 10 dollars a month. And I only had 200 in savings and I didn’t have a certain amount of income. That is how greedy our government has grown to be…. They lost the care they had for us people…. We’re just dollar signs to them.

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