Art is the most Personal form of human Expression

Art allows people to express themselves in their own way. This is what makes art so fundamentally gratifying to all those that religiously pursue it.


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  1. Miguel Narciso (Art 102) says:

    I agree that art allows people to express themselves in their own way. When one voices their opinion or philosophy in oral or written methods through the media, people will either agree or disagree. Others may vehemently disagree with one’s differing philosophy or opinion. Art is an unique way of expressing one’s opinion through color, sculpture, and etc. The casual observer may not even understand the theme of the art piece as the artist can keep on expressing their opinion without being vilification from others.

  2. Massy Bahri says:

    i greatly agree, art is a way for people to take the images that they have and be able to put it down on paper. its a way to show people what really goes on in your head. and how you see, its the persons personal image of how they see things, and they get to express it or other to see.

  3. Ben Yakobi says:

    Art must be the most personal form of human expression, its the only one that is truly individual. Writing and music are both limited to the framework developed by its creators (unless you create your own launguage or music which would make it art anyway). Art on the otherhand has no limits. Be it painting, sculpture or architecture art is humans molding the enviroment to express themselves. It is literaly humans playing God and creating for their own purposes.

  4. Jeremy Lutz says:

    The day I fell in love with art was when I first took an art class in 10th grade on basic design. It was my first introduction to a subject that did not want you to do as the book tells you to do. To do as your supposed to do. The most amazing thing about art for me is the fact that there is no “wrong” art. It is simply what you create to show emotion, history..or really anything. The fact that art is so myriad and that it has no true definition or meaning astounds me more then many things in this world and it is because of that that i do find itvto be gratifying and have been religiously pursuing it since that 10th grade class.

  5. Joyce Okorie says:

    That is true. Art allows people as individuals to express themselves in the many different ways they feel when painting. Art is a true gift given to us by God.

  6. Aubrey Cabellon says:

    Because art allows people to expressive themselves as individual persons it is not only gratifying to those who religiously pursue it. I believe art is the is most gratifying to those who do not religiously pursue it because art also acts as a venting method. For those who do vent out their emotions and suppress them, have so much raw feeling that then becomes gratification when it is released through art.

  7. Zarouhi Abrahamian says:

    Definitely. Art is freedom of expression. Not all people express themselves with visual art. They do however express their ideas and feelings through writing, dancing, etc. Art can be expressed and understood in every possible way. Therefore no art work is ever ugly, because everything has its own meaning deep inside, and it means so much, especially to the artist.

  8. Archie Khorasani says:

    i agree. But does that mean people’s expressions of i.e. life, in their own way, is art? in that case, is everything art but considered different only in value? or is it that there is a tool called ‘Art’ that helps the expression, yet is so limited to those, and only those who we call ‘artists’?

  9. Kenneth Cachola says:

    Of course, I could not see anyone disagreeing with that statment. Art can be seen anywhere from our own clothing we wear from the words that come out of are mouth. Just like how people convey themselves through speech, or painting; some we can relate, disagree, and sometimes we can’t see what they are really trying to say, see, or even feel. Since, art is the most formal way of expression, it always be here for us, and never go extinct.

  10. Desiree Sasunian says:

    Definitely. Art is a way for people to get across a point they cannot find the words to describe. Art can be stronger than words in many situations. Personally, I can sit in front of a painting, sculpture, or any art work for that matter, and try to figure out what the artist was thinking as they created the work of art. What I think is great about art is that even though the artist is trying to convey or express one thing, a viewer can get something different or deeper out of it. Every time one looks at a work of art, they can take something different away from it.

  11. Melissa Constantin says:

    I definitely think Art allows for people to express themselves in their own particular way. It can be very gratifying to be putting down ideas and translate then into something artistic. Art is a sort of visual aid, that can help us get our story across, because an artpiece can say more than a thousand words sometimes could. Art can really be anything you want it to be. I consider painting and sculpting as an outlet just like dancing or writing. It is that same sense of relaxation you get when you do it.

  12. Yasamin Boromand says:

    There’s no doubt that art is a personal experience that only the creator has a well-defined understanding of it. In my opinion an artist has this responsibility to share his understanding and depict it in a very simplified comprehensible way. But the value of an art work depends on what the art work conveys, so with having the authority and freedom that an artist has to express his entire being, it’s his shoulders to be conservative and serious about what his art work is about. In my opinion talking on behalf of the majority of people and interpreting their time ( their problems and difficulties) make the art work more valuable.
    By saying that I mean that an artist can acquire a better result out of his work with manipulating his subjectives with the presence of his objective opinions in an art work.

  13. Lori Edukugho says:

    I concur! Art is so special. It depicts one’s story. A story that can be so profound.

  14. Shanilla Natanzi says:

    Personally, I believe that art is an individuals interpretation of subject. It can be presented through different mediums such as writing, singing, painting, etc. Things can be perceived differently, depending on the person and art allows one to freely express themselves without judgement or fear.

  15. jacqueline gutierrez says:

    I agree that art is the most personal form of human expression beacause everytype of art is expressed by the way the artist feeling. Every face of piece of art is painted and expressed by the emotion the artist is feeling, for example if there is a painted human crying on a canvas it shows that the artist themselves were probably depressed or in a sad mood. If they are happy they will use mutual bright colors to show their excitment but then again if they are only doing different types of strokes with a brush on the canvas it will show that they are frustrated or confused.

  16. Stephen Greenfield says:

    I don’t think art is the most personal form of human expression. I agree that it can become personal and it is for many people who religiously pursue it, but there are other forms of expression that I think humans as a whole share more. Forms such as how humans interact with others. I believe art is a reflection or product of human expression. Also for some art isn’t very personal, but it is more a reflection of a community.

  17. Juan Carlos F. Aglugub says:

    Art is a universal language. It grasp humans in a way we could relate to each other. For thousands of years, art has move people in such profound ways. It has the ability to empower man in his pursuit for the truth, mystified hundreds of people, projected all sorts of emotion, humbled and left men astonished for its ecstatic beauty.

  18. Marina Sek says:

    Art can transcend human, social and politcal differences by serving as a universal language of communication. Frida Khalo used it to express her views of societal woes in her country as well as her own perosnal struggles. Likewise, Picasso used it to challenge the mind with abstract images but also to express his ouotrage and sadness over the events of the Spanish Cvil war in his famous mural, Guernica 1937. But art also expresses beauty, as seen in the Impresionist art of Monet or Renoir.

  19. Ethige Silva says:

    Yes. Art is freedom. It helps to create ones individuality. Bringing inner thoughts to alive is a part of art. It has no specific amount of rules. It embraces every corner in this universe. Art embraces every culture and religion.

  20. Sylvester Rimando says:

    To Professor Angelo Allen,

    Since anyone can express themselves with art,
    art is an outlet that can bring a profound change to channel oneself by showcasing his/her talents.
    Personally for me, I am also a part-time singer who strives to determination at performing certain songs
    mainly Spanish-language Latin Pop songs. Hopefully, I can display my musical talents at open mic events
    so that I can overcome my fear of public speaking.

    Sylvester Rimando
    Art 101 student Spring 2013 semester
    Mon. & Thur. 1:00pm-2:55pm

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