Art, the most Underutilized Form of Human Activity

Art is the most underutilized form of human activity. We tend to see art only as a reflection of the past and not that it can also be a harbinger of the future. Art gives us the ability to think in new and unforeseen ways. Therefore, art can give us the kind of collective vision that we need to show us the way to a new common understanding of ourselves that will allow us to recreate that kind of society and world that we hope to achieve.


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  1. Kevin Tan says:

    With the sheer number of definitions of art matching the number of people on this planet, many ignore the effect such a common thing as art has on our culture. While the issue of whether something like paint splattered and dripped across a canvas constitutes “good” art is the subject of an entirely different debate, the effect it has had on modern American culture is undeniable. Since so many are quick to dismiss it as simply that, paint splattered and dripped across a canvas, at another glance, it is easy to see that it reflects the culture of impulsiveness and spontaneity of America.

  2. Gabe Feldman says:

    Artists have so many ways to bring out there personality. True colors are shown by the Artist in so many different ways. That makes Art so beautiful and creative. Art takes the mind off of reality and makes the brain explore.

  3. bita ranjbarisisan says:

    art creates many ideas for the future.many new inventions have come from i said before when you sit down to do artwork you let go of so much stress of everyday life therefore your mind relaxes and it opens to many ideas and than ideas are released with the stress.

  4. Ben Yakobi says:

    Art is not underutilized, rather it has been over utilized. Art is now a constant and as such has been labled unimportant. It doesnt seem special anymore. The Sistine Chapel one of the marvels of the world has been used in everything from the Animaniacs (a rather silly cartoon) to advertising sneakers. The Last Supper by Leonardo has a picture of it in so many classrooms that it may well be part of the wall for all the attention it is given. I can list examples for eons but the bottom line is that from such an early age Americans are bombarded with so much art in such a carless manner that they just dont bother looking anymore.

  5. Jeremy Lutz says:

    This topic is actually something I have been wondering about. Is art trully a means to move into the future? Like you have said in class the best art is not enjoyed in the time it was created in for the main populace does not trully understand it untill years later. To this degree is it possible that art is a key factor in pushing people to create new inventions? For exp. is it possible that a scientist at CERN might see art and all of a sudden understand something about the nature of the world never thought of before? If art can trully accomplish this..and I think it does.. then I believe art to be the most important entitys we can learn. It is sad that art is not something required in school at a young age for only now am I just starting to realize how important art trully is.

  6. Zarouhi Abrahamian says:

    Art is not only a reflection of the past, but can also be a reflection of the future. This meaning, by looking at art, evaluating and analyzing it, you will be able to open you mind beyond limited borders, and think outside the box. This will help better you imagination and thinking skills, therefore leading to a better developed mind. This can lead to new inventions as Jeremy previously commented, therefore making it a reflection of the future and the positive things we would like to see in society.

  7. Julie Birch says:

    I completely agree that art is so underutilized in our society. Unfortunately, I think for some unknown reason art is seen as an “option”, as an additive, not something necessary to our way of life. I think what many people don’t realize is that we all, in some way or another, are creative. It’s natural; it’s inherent in everyone, even if it’s not in ways that are traditionally accepted as “art”. I personally think that if people would indulge more in some form of personal artistic expression, or at the least in even enjoying other people’s art, it would help lower levels of stress, increase feelings of happiness and personal fulfillment, among many other positive benefits. If art were seen as something that can nourish something inside of us, I think it would be much more utilized than it is now.

  8. Kenneth Cachola says:

    I don’t believe art is under utlize, I believe art is everywhere. If anything its over utlize, I believe when people see themselves as art, and want to see themselves as perfection, and this is why we anorexic, bulmeic people. A lot of bodybuilders, such as Arnold Shwarzenggar, they see they’re proffesion as art, and over excercise. We see how children’s live their life and see how they’re life stly through art, weather its darker or lighter, than the other children. We see art in psychology, when we see how paitents, convey blot prints. I believe its everywhere!

  9. Melissa Constantin says:

    Art might seem like it is everywhere, but it really is not. Naturally, it depends on what each individual considers it to be. If anything, I believe that art is underappreciated, when in fact it is the only thing we have to show for our history and the past. I think many of us do not indulge in forms of personal artistic expression simply because life has become very hectic for many. Even though I think it is a great stress reliever, I also believe it was not created for everybody. Different people enjoy different things. It is very unfortunate that some people never read about Art or do not indulge in it at all, because I find that it is a very interesting thing and is necessary if you want to master a great sense of worldviews and general knowledge.

  10. Yasamin Boromand says:

    In my opinion art is the simplest way of communication that can be expressed visually. It invites a certain class of people to appreciate its inwardness and some who can’t understand the message within it, but still know it as an art work. Art is in the category of the domain of our visual abilities. But that visual truth has to do something subliminally in triggering an awakening in people’s mind and coming up with a solution for the existing problems in every society. People have to notice the vicarious effects that are included in an art work. Art demonstrates and criticizes the moment of the present, testifies the past, and includes the solution for the existing obstacles to ease the track of the future.

  11. Lissette Lopez says:

    Art is so many things, from finger painting to the Mona Lisa. But art is not just paintings, drawings, and sculptures, I think art is anything that we create. I believe that a beautifully written poem or book can be art, silly little doodles can be art and a photograph taken at the right time can be art. Art is everywhere and people may not give it the importance it should have but we use it every second. People have become so used to it that they forget how beautiful it can make life and how different the world would be without it.

  12. Amir Falamaki says:

    to my opinion, since the human started toghather, one of the form, of coumuniication that have been used is art. art can be don in many ways, such as verbaly,jesture, alphabeticly, painting, scuplture, architectoral and many others ways. Without the the comunication most of the effort that human uses to creat somthing will goes to waste. I do stongly belivethat without existant of art, ther won’t be a clear future for human being.

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