Art is the most Fundamental form of Human Expression

Because human beings are fundamentally visual, art is the most fundamental form of human expression. Our forms of writing and number systems are all derived from the use of art. All other forms of human visual expression are, to a fundamental degree, based on an artistic representation of the things that they are trying to convey. Art provides us with the symbols that we use to explore our existence. 


9 Responses to “Art is the most Fundamental form of Human Expression”
  1. Massy Bahri says:

    i fully agree with you on that note. art provides us with the symbols that we use to explore our existence. a great way to back that up would be the egyptians they were surrounded by art from there style of writing to there pyramids. the colors they used in there outfits and homes. i believe that everyone is surrounded by art every day. it doesnt just have to be a painting. it can be anything from the cup you drink your coffe in to the boat that takes u to the island. to the great monuments we see.

  2. Kevin Tan says:

    Some would believe that art is strictly limited to something on a canvas and elaborately framed, but such thinking is entirely fallacious. The crayon drawings of a child or the doodles of a bored office worker during a meeting are just as much as art as a form of expression as the chaotic and spontaneous works of Jackson Pollack or even that of the technically talented Renoir. One issue that comes to mind is graphic novels, which some see them as merely the past-times of pre-teens and adolescents. However, some comics like Marjane Satrapi’s “Persepolis” attest to their status as a true reflection of their time.

  3. bita ranjbarisisan says:

    art is who we are.the art we make or the art we like, whether its writing,music,painting,photography…thats what we are all about.infact i think if there was no art in this world everything would be so dull. i think people would feel almost trapped. because with art we let everything go.sadness,excitement,love,anger those are all expressed through art.

  4. Ben Yakobi says:

    Its a true statment. If two individuals that where from two entirly different civilizations where to meet how would they communicate beyond the point and grunt? Pictures of course. when in doubt make a crude drawing and chances are somone will get it. Take a look at pictionary if proof is needed.

  5. Julie Birch says:

    I am a christian, so my view of human expression comes from knowing that we were created by God. The first acts of God that we have recorded are of creating. God himself is unspeakably creative and since he created us in his image, it is no surprise that humans have a natural desire and instinct to create. We don’t create in the same way as God specifically, but we do find our ways to express our inner person, to somehow relay who we are to those around us.

  6. Kenneth Cachola says:

    I believe art is something that we can translate through visually. It tells us a story through our eyes and brings us to aw, just like when beautiful novels are read, art does the same. I believe art is something that we can relate with and have a feeling for, some art is not recognize by others because of that. Art is ugly, beautiful, dull, scary, and etc. Art can be anything, to anyone’s eyes.

  7. Yasamin Boromand says:

    Art can be seen anywhere, now this question comes to my mind that what exactly art is. How do we name an art as what it is? Is there any conspicuous characteristics or criteria from which the meaning of art is derived? Art is a way to activate an effective awakening, change, emotional or rational sense, and appreciation. Art is an expression that naturally gushes out human’s ethereal being, its a message, and an artist is a messenger to distribute and share his experience (which is entertaining for other people). The science of art (aesthetic) is not merely confined to the art that a populace knows such as: music, literature, film, photography, sculpture, and paintings.
    Art is intertwined within scientific, numerical, cultural, and political bases, and it’s not possible to say that art can appear without these fundamental bases. In fact everyone is a messenger, but not everyone knows the worth of his message. Some people try to ignore their thoughts and others try to draw the thought of them out of their minds. Now, it depends on the artist to choose the way to expose the thoughts visually otherwise they decay inside. In my opinion everything that conveys a message (rather than being functional) and urge a human being to think, to move, and progress for a better future can be known as an art work. Indeed, this world is an animated art work, and we are the characters depicted on earth to give more action to it. Nevertheless, I still don’t understand the meaning of art or maybe it’s a tool to express yourself; therefore everything out there can be art?

  8. Ethige Silva says:

    This whole universe by itself is a result of art. Art is what makes it easy for us to live in this world. Art is the only fundamental form where we can apply it in our lives in any situation. It affects every aspect in our world.

  9. Hamid Zaeimi Nicoo says:

    I totally agree with you, as a believer in evolution I believe that vision and feelings are two of the top evolved parts of human body with any kind of art form we combine the two to represent an expression or subject or etc… And that’s why it’s so pleasant to human eyes. As you said it’s fundamental for human kind and because it appeared millions of years ago and continuously have been with human kind they have been evolving hand in hand.

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