Creating an Harmonious Way of Life

A more harmonious way of life would be one in which our relationships would be sustainable with both our natural environment as well as with each other. If we are going to form new ways of living with ourselves and our natural environment then we will need to organize our relationships in a more sustainable manner.  And, the most sustainable relationships are the ones that we have a shard interest in. This leads us to explore our social environments, which allows us to grow through each other’s support. 


9 Responses to “Creating an Harmonious Way of Life”
  1. Thomas Burlew says:

    Of course it would be great, perhaps ideal, to have a group of people around me that liked the same things and always agreed with me. I find that difficult however. I actually spend my time raising my daughter, bettering myself, and convincing my wife to keep loving me. I don’t have time to join a club. If I did, I would agree with the argument that we should break off into groups of similiar interest. And having a harmoneous life is very important, so I think we should try to make the time to join clubs and have friends. The problem is, in this capitalistic society, that capitalism creates the need to compete for goods and services, which then becomes more important to joining a club. Once again, I don’t have the time.

  2. Sue Willett says:

    In a global economy, we all have shared interest with everyone. The separation between a products’ origin and it’s ultimate consumer is a much shorter pathway than it used to be. When every single person understands that every single person matters, the environment will surely follow.

  3. Aubrey Cabellon says:

    Sustainable relationships are the ones that we have a shared interest in. However, human nature requires us as individuals to find our own interests and to explore our environments before sharing it with another. Otherwise, the more ignorant participant in the relationship forms the others ideas, rather than formulating their own concepts as a member in the world.

  4. Patricia Chavez says:

    If we all took interest in our relationships with each other and our natural world, there would be a dramatic change in the quality of our lives. it would definitely start the path to an ideal world.

  5. Lilit Akilian says:

    I agree with this thought. If we become one with society and nature, life would be so much more peaceful. One person can make a big difference and people can follow with example. We all need to stop and think of the way we’re living and find ways to improve.

  6. melissa naimi says:

    I agree with this blog very much. Harmony will only occur when all of society comes to an agreement. Making strong, and lasting relationships, are the stepping stone to the journey of a better earth,which in other words is a peaceful society, where the people hold interests in sustanible relationships, and being in tune with nature and humanity itself.

  7. Guillermo Ortiz says:

    Living in a environment of complete harmony requires absolute peace within each other. We must be able to corporate to make this world a better place. People around the world must be able to see and realize that we live in one world and we are the only ones that can make it better. We must neglect our difference and be able to apply our strengths to in-vision a beautiful harmony.

  8. calvin montano says:

    True true true. Being satisfied with our environment is everything. If a person is not satified with their environment, it tends to become very difficult for them to be satisfied with one another. But once we are satisfied with the environment; that’s when we begin to be satisfied with one another. We then begin to live in harmony and build relationships with one another that last. And with a nice environment, it just makes it way easier to live in harmony with one another.

  9. Kelly Forrest says:

    Harmony is something that has great importance to me because I believe that with harmony comes inner peace and an increase in happiness. Therefore if there is harmony among our relationships, whether they be with nature, other people, or even ourselves, the happiness and positive energy is spread and can be contagious to others. Therefore, harmony with nature is especially important because just as the love you give and receive from a pet may be fulfilling, the Earth in turn will return the love and harmony that you emit, creating a positive energy field that could only provide positive consequences. In addition, the more love and harmony that one may emit will inevitably lead to a greater sense of self and being. Nothing negative ever came from promoting harmony!

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