A Chance to Fundamentally Rethink Society

The tough times ahead of us have provided us with a unique opportunity to actually build the kind of societies that we want. Our global economic crisis, climate change and global interdependence have all contributed to the formation of a new global reality that has overshadowed the needs and wants of our natural realities and made them irrelevant.


The ways of the past cannot be the ways of the future, which will require a different way of seeing ourselves. This is a time for us to rethink just what kind of society we want for ourselves.   We need to reevaluate the kind of life that we want to have.  Do we want to go back to the hectic past where conspicuous consumption was seen as the reason for life? Or do we want to create a more harmonious way of life?


5 Responses to “A Chance to Fundamentally Rethink Society”
  1. Thomas Burlew says:

    I love student opinion. They always believe that world can be made anew and we can all band together and change the screwups that those old men made. The fact is, every society tries to change things, nearly every generation tries to change things, and most kids want to change to do things differently than their parents. Change isn’t new, and we’ve always had the opportunity to change things. Why is now so important? I argue that these times we are having are no tougher than times in the past; The Great Depression, The Holocaust, WWII, the baby boom thereof – now there was an opportunity to change things. The largest group of dreamers all banded together to CHANGE THE WORLD, and what did they do? They smoked a lot of marajuana and protested a war. There will always be tough times, and its always going to be a time for change in someones eyes. But the global reality is that capitalism works, and if you want to hurt people, than the strong have to stand up and stop you. And that harsh reality is, its’ the haves versus the have nots, so if you don’t have, than be prepared to work harder than the haves if you want a piece of the pie.

  2. Sue Willett says:

    I recommend checking out “the story of stuff”. Back in the 1950′s, it was decided by the administrations’ economists that in order to force economic growth we had to create a completely disposable world around us. This includes just about everything we buy being built to – break! Limited lifespans and no interchangeable replacement parts. This created the following ratio: of everything we buy, after 6 months, only 1% is still being used. 1%. Incredible, isn’t it?

  3. Miguel Narciso (Art 102) says:

    I concur that the ways of the past cannot be the ways of the future. If one method did not work efficiently more than once, it is time to try a different method that is more effective and productive. Unfortunately, people tend to be very narrow-minded or self-centered about trying a different approach because they need to feel secure about themselves by not asking help from anyone. As a young adult of age 23, I’m learning slowly and surely that a mistake is just another word for experience. As times goes by, we learn more about what we truly want out of life and what is good for us emotionally and physically.

  4. Jeremy Lutz says:

    I feel that indeed we need to stop the life of the consumer..which is the way we have lived for for so many years and instead use the technoligies we have created to live more harmoniously with the world around us. For years we have poluted our earth, and consumed its natrual resources. Why with the extent of technology that we have today has it taken so long for us to begin research in reusable energy. There is a scene in the matrix in which the human race is refered to as not a race of mammals but a race of germs. A virus that spreads and eats everything it its path. Up untill this point in time I believe this statement to be fundamentally true and I am looking forward to the years to come when we will instead of eating away the planet, use it so that both of us can coexist. It is only sad that it has taken us so long to get to this point.

  5. Melissa Constantin says:

    To “The ways of the past cannot be the ways of the future”, I just want to respond that if it wasn’t for the past, we would not have gotten to the future. I think that as we evolve and along the way make mistakes, we get smarter and get a better clue of what to do and what not to do.
    Of course, we want to create a more harmonious way of life, and I finally think we are getting somewhere. For years, we have been making mistakes mainly because we were malinformed about certain effects. Life is a journey and we learn lessons every day, I think it is beautiful that we are learning and trying to make it better for the future. Practice makes perfect and hopefully one day the world will be a perfect place.

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