Political Entrustment

Because governments are at the bidding of the corporate interests that fund them, what the people need is a personalized form of government that could represent their interests and concerns to the governments and corporations that they wish to influence. This personalized form of government would be political trusts that would be formed by those that needed them. Within this system of political entrustment people would hire the personalized governments that they need through the market process as a political commodity.

Redefining Society From The Bottom Up

If we are to reinvent ourselves, we need to take a different look at society and our part within it. Then we need to redefine society.

Society is divided into two parts. The first part consists of members of society that actually produce society’s products. The second part consists of those members of society that manage the relationships of those that actually produce society’s products. The ones that actually produce society’s products are the important ones. The ones that tell them what they can and cannot do are actually the less important ones. Therefore, while the bottom of society is always needed, the top of society is interchangeable and can be provided either privately or publicly.

But in our societies the top sees itself as the most important social sector and the bottom is seen as expendable. Historically those at the top have dominated those on the bottom. The top has used those on the bottom to achieve their own purposes. What we need is a society where the bottom tells the top what it wants and the top provides it for them the way that they want. This would allow the bottom of society to provide itself with the kind of top society that it felt was best for their particular purposes.

Specific Government vs. General government

Historically there have only been general forms of governments, which have been one-size-fits-all forms of government where one form of government based on territorial jurisdiction dominates the entire system. This has left general forms of government with the same flaw, which is that it has allowed the powerful elements within society to also dominate and therefore, dictate what the government should be and whom it should be for. Therefore, historically this has resulted in our local, regional and national forms of government being bought and sold by the money interests of society. This is why people everywhere are now fed-up with their current forms of government that either cannot or will not work on their behalf.

What we need is a new level of specific form of personalized government, one that is directly responsible to the people that it represents. It must also be a personalized form of government, one that is receptive to the individual and collective needs of the people. These new forms of specific governments would be the personalized forms of government that the people would form among themselves. They would be under the direct control of those people that it was designed to politically represent.  It would act like a liaison government between the individual and the various city, county, state and federal governments that he or she would be living under.

The Need For A New Kind Of Thinking

Today there are many new problems the world is encountering that we don’t have any ready answers for. Only with new thinking will we be able to meet the challenges that we are currently living through as well as the ones that we will encounter in the future. My website is dedicated to exploring ways of resolving the unique problems that we are currently encountering.

Within it I will be discussing many different topics, among them ways that I feel will help resolve the problems that we are encountering.  The thoughts that I will be presenting will be based around my new idea of political entrustment that I believe will provide us with a new way of both seeing and organizing ourselves. My blogs will be showing ways that I believe that the ideas contained within political entrustment would allow us to not only help us better understand our predicament but also provide us with new ways of resolving them.