The Times Are A Changing

The 99% movement, union demonstrations in Wisconsin and the Arab and Iranian peoples movements throughout the Middle East are calling for a greater voice in managing their own affaires.

The call for greater democracy and the means to see it to realization through social networking has changed the political dynamics of global politics.

We are learning new ways to politically interact and apply ourselves that are throwing our existing political systems off balance and making it hard for them to react in the traditional ways.

The Need For A New System Of Political Organization

The global protests against the corporatization of the world shows that a new system of organizing ourselves is not only needed but is inevitable. This new system must empower the people and make servicing them as the reason for the institutions of society. We need a new system that we can superimpose upon our existing systems of government. To meet these problems I propose the establishment of a new kind of system that I call entrusted government, one that would build its institutions from the bottom-up by their own members.

Organizing The Concerns Of Wall Street Protestors

The occupy Wall Street protestors have brought to the attention of the nation and the world the many different reasons the people have for wanting a better system that can provide for the needs of all.  As the protest movement continues, the reason that caused people to join the protest was the concerns that they had for their own future and the future of their country and the world.

To organize the concerns of the protestors they must be arranged into groups dedicated to meeting their common concerns. Each group of common concerns would then appoint or, if necessary, hire the representatives capable of lobbying on their behalf those public and private institutions that they wish to influence.

The groups of similar common concerns contained in every location of the nation and the world would then link together and form local, regional, national and international groups capable of applying political pressure at every level of human society. Then each common concern would be organized from the local level to the national level and even the international level, which would allow every concern to be able to coordinate its actions at all levels of political society.

From Cosmopoly To The Entrusted-State System

Many of my friends and colleagues have told me that my manuscript title of “Cosmopoly” was too difficult and did not convey the true spirit of my book.

In order to provide more clarity I have decided to rename my book “The Entrusted-State System”.

The essence of my book is to entrust the relationships of society so that that they can be counted on by the people within them.

The way that I would do this is to place all social relationships within voluntary civil and political trusts especially designed to maintain them.

Since my book is about social and political entrustment from personal entrustment to the formation of an entrusted-state, to rename it “The Entrusted-State System” is appropriate.