Our Global Problems Bring People Together

How we see ourselves determines how we act.  When we see ourselves strictly in terms of our nationality, we become blinded by it.  Global problems require a global way of thinking, which is not possible through strictly a national understanding of ourselves. Our global problems are uniting the people of the world through the common global experiences that they have created. Our common global experiences have given us a common global understanding that we now all share on a global level. This global understanding transcends our national understandings and the longer this occurs the more global we will become and the less national in character.

The global crisis and disasters that we are experiencing have given us global problems that have provided us with a global understanding of ourselves. These global problems are forcing the world to come together in a global manner in order to deal with them. The global problems of the world have created global needs that can only be resolved through global means. The global problems of tomorrow’s world will require us to organize ourselves in global ways. This will necessitate independent global institutions be formed to effectively apply them fairly if we are going to meet the global needs ahead of us.

Globalization Is About Bring Us Together

Our problems are a result of our national forms of organization no longer being able to meet our current global needs. How we organize ourselves determines how we see ourselves. This then determines our relationships with one another. We now live in a world of differences based on nationality. Therefore, we identify ourselves in national terms, which tells us that we are different from each other.

To meet our common global needs in the future we need to live in a world where we see our similarities.  By living in a global world based on our similarities, we will then come to see that our differences are actually the variety that humanity has been able to produce. At the level of globalization our differences would first become our varieties and then our similarities. By seeing ourselves on a global level, we will come to see that we are interconnected and the sum total of all of our national and ethnic identities and cultural experiences.