Contractual Representation

In order to clarify what I mean by hired representation I want to introduce it in terms of being a contractual representation. Contractual representation is a political representative that individuals would sign a contract with to provide them with a particular type of political representation. If the conditions of the contract are not met, then the grieved party could sue the other party for damages. This contractual political representation would last only as long as the length of the contract. Once the contract had expired a person would be free to sign a contract with a different contracted political representative.

Contractual Governments

In order to clarify what I mean by cooperative government I want to introduce it in terms of being a contractual government. Contractual governments are governments that have contracts between the governed and those that govern them. Those individuals that wish to receive particular types of services would sign a contract with a government service provider to provide them with the types of services that they wanted. Depending on the conditions of the government service contract that a person would sign with their government service provider, that person might have to provide certain types of voluntary services as a condition of their contract. If the conditions of the contract are not met, then the grieved party could sue the other party for damages. Once a person’s contractual obligations were ended, they would be free to discontinue their relationship with their existing contractual government and find a new contractual government that they felt would better provide them with the type of government that they were seeking for themselves.

The Illusion of Democracy

Elected democracy is only democratic in concept because it is based on the strange idea of forming a conscience from different points of view, which is admirable but unrealistic at best and politically unattainable at worse. The fact that democracy is an admirable idea gives us the unrealistic feeling that we are all transcending our personal and social differences and politically becoming one. In reality democracy is the domination of one group over one or more other groups. Elected democracy is a winner-take-all system and like all winner-take-all systems, it centralizes political power in the hands of the few that represent the majority, it does not distribute it to the minority.

Our current elected democratic government structures that were supposedly designed to assist the people have now come to dominate the people instead. Within our liberal democratic societies we the people are only politically allowed to choose from the alternatives that have been provided to us by those in power. The people have allowed their government institutions to dictate to them just what their political agenda should be instead of them carrying out the agenda of the people, which has resulted in the governmental tail wagging the public dog.

With the way our current democratic political infrastructures are designed, the people have no way of directly determining what will be politically made or done in their name which limits popular participation to only what the system allows.  Shouldn’t democracy be the result of direct political participation, so that the people request particular types of public goods and services and the institutions of society are supposed to respond to their requests? Instead the only way the people are allowed to participate within a democratic society are as it’s consumers both politically and otherwise.

Democracy is really an indirect participation process where the people are only allowed to ratify what has been provided to them by politicians who believe that they know better than the people themselves what their needs are.  This holds true for all political, social and economic institutions within democracy. Democracy like Capitalism allows us to select from a menu of prefabricated political candidates that presuppose they know what we the people should have which is always limited to what they make available to us.

Liberal democracy is an ideological illusion that creates a fundamentally false impression based on the notion that political representation could realistically act as a real voice that could politically empower all of the people. Representational democracy is fundamentally a lie, and that lie is that elected political representation is based on political inclusion when in reality it actually leads to political marginalization. Therefore, the failure of the democratic process is an indictment of the hypocrisy of democratic inclusion, when in reality all it is is an act designed for politically disempowering the voters instead of politically empowering them. (Within my system of Cosmopoly this would not be the case. Click on Cosmopoly and find out more.)