The Natural Environment as Natural Resources Trust

The tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico is forcing me to contribute to the debate as to the rights of the natural environment and our responsibility to it. The natural world is held captive by us human beings according to our imagination of it. We see it as what we think it should be according to our relationship with it.

We see nature as being at our disposal. For us nature has always been our source of raw natural resources that allows us to physically realize our social reality. The raw natural resources of our natural environment are what we use to provide us with the physical infrastructure that gives our social realities a physical equivalent.  Since the natural environment is the source of all life on earth it must be the one that all of the other types of social environments would have to base their needs on.

[x] Applying Government in a Box to Depressed Areas

The government in a box idea could be used to revitalize a community. The personal trustees together with their consumer and provider specialized trustees would pro-actively go to the people of a depressed area and place everyone into a labor pool. Their needs and capabilities would then be registered and allocated to those services most needed by the assessed situation.  The personal trustees would divide the people into groups that they would then politically represent.

They would each give their own members membership accounts consisting of four fundamental support subaccounts.   Each person’s membership account would consist of four fundamental support subaccounts needed to maintain themselves.   As holders of fundamental service subaccounts, people would either receive from or would provide for those that are to receive the services.

One type of fundamental subaccount would be to provide the necessary construction needed to provide the necessary housing. Another type of subaccount would be to supply the necessary foodstuffs. Still another type would be receiving the necessary schooling and training. And the last type of subaccount would be to have access to necessary health care. Then a community bank would be established to fund the accounts to promote the necessary economic activities between them.

The consumer and provider specialized trustees would determine the people’s needs and capabilities. They would place their people’s capabilities into a local labor pool that would be used to service the community. Once the fundamental services had stabilized, the people would go to their personal trustee for their various personal service needs and wants.

The personal trustees would link their people with the appropriate provider and consumer specialized trustees. They would bring their consumers and providers together by forming them into their own civil markets where they would manage the exchanges between them.

A person’s personal trustee would represent him or her to the consumer and provider specialized civil trustees that could provide them with their personal needs and wants.  These consumer and provider specialized civil trustees would bring their consumer’s needs together with their providers needs. To conduct their business with each other, they would form them into civil markets where they would voluntarily personally choose from one another the one best for themselves.

[x] Applying Government in a Box to the Haitian Crisis

I would like to thank my readers for indulging my absence from blogging due to pressing family matters. I feel that things have settled enough to where I can now continue my regular blogging.  I would like to continue with the idea of government in a box that I began in my previous blogs.

I would like to apply this idea of government in a box to the Haitian earthquake disaster.  Imagine that a group of people known as personal trustees would be introduced to Haiti. They would go into the community and divide its people into general groups each of which would be represented by their own personal trustee.

The personal trustees of each group would give their members a membership account.  Each membership account would consist of four fundamental support subaccounts for the basic support services needed by everyone.  A person’s subaccounts would provide each person with the basic services necessary to sustain themselves as well as their families so that they would be able to rebuild their lives.

The most essential fundamental subaccount would be the one that would be necessary to provide the construction required by the community. This would first require forming a labor pool from which it and all of the other support subaccounts would receive their own service providers and their consumers.

All persons would be issued with a consumer food subaccount that would allow them to consume foodstuffs. There would also be the issuance of food provider subaccounts for those members that could provide the necessary foodstuffs needed by the community.

Members of the labor pool could also receive the necessary schooling and training subaccounts needed for them to participate in various projects required by the community as well as those that they would need to provide for any new undertakings on their own. Some of the members of the labor pool would also be provided with subaccounts in order to provide the training needed by the rest of the community.

All members of the community, whether in the labor pool or not, would be issued with a subaccount that would give them access to their necessary health care needs. All of the members of the community would be collectively connected to their common community bank. This bank would fund all of the various subaccounts and civil accounts of the members of a community in order to promote the economic activities necessary between them.

After receiving their fundamental services in the form of their support subaccounts, the Haitian people would go back to their personal trustees for the servicing of their own personal needs and wants. Their personal trustees would connect them with consumer and provider specialized civil trustees that could provide them with the kinds of services that they personally needed.

These consumer and provider specialized civil trustees would register everyone’s needs and capabilities and divide them into their categories.  According to those categories they would also be organized to either receive their necessary services or to provide them to those that are to receive them.

They would form their consumers and their providers into civil markets designed to bring their consumer’s needs together with the providers that could service them. This would then allow them to voluntarily choose each other’s services and patronage.  These consumer and provider specialized civil trustees would protect their members’ interests for them by managing the exchanges made between them after they had been completed.

Vera’s Auto Accident

Yesterday my wonderful wife Vera was hit by a hit and run driver, which fractured her spine. Temporary I’ll only be blogging intermittingly while I take care of her. I’ll be blogging again daily as soon as we are past this crises. Please bare with me while I tend to her needs first. Thank you for your understanding.