(pt7) From A Cooperative Way Of Thinking To A Cooperative Way Of Reorganizing Ourselves

Because the foundation for any future societies will have to be based on our common natural environment, we will need to see ourselves in a new way in which we are interconnected with each other on a physical level in which we are physically one with the natural environment from which we come.

Future societies will have to base themselves on the capabilities of the natural environment to sustain them without adversely affecting it. This means that we will also have to come to see our relationship with each other socially in a more sustainable way. Only a sustainable relationship with each other and with our natural environment will allow us to construct the kinds of sustainable societies that we will need to meet our global problems in a local way.

A sustainable relationship is a mutual relationship in which the participants need one another’s basic cooperation in order to maintain themselves. This is the definition of living within a cooperative existence and the foundation upon which Cooperativism would see itself.

Cooperativism would be designed to change our perspective with the world to a cooperative one where we would live in a cooperative way with each other as well as the natural world around us.  It would be about seeing ourselves in a cooperative relationship with all things and recognizing the cooperative responsibility that they would have toward them.

This cooperative way of thinking would lead to us reorganizing ourselves in a cooperative way, which is a sustainable way with the things that we need from the natural world as well as from each other. This sustainable existence would be made possible by entrusting our relationships with each other, which would make us responsible to one another and with the natural world for our relationships with them.

Seeing our relationship with the world and ourselves within it in a more cooperative way will lead us to a new way of organizing ourselves that would reflect our cooperative way of seeing ourselves.  Reorganizing ourselves cooperatively according to our common needs and wants would result in our organizing in a more efficient and sustainable way with each other and the natural environment that we all depend on.

(pt6) Forming Governments That Work For The People

Societies work for those for whom they were created. That’s why monarchies worked well for monarchs and democracies worked well for the bourgeoisie and religious societies worked well for their clerics. This means that if a society designed to work for the people is to be created, then it must be formed by the people that it is meant to serve.

Therefore, these future societies would have to be designed around their people’s common needs and wants. That means that these new societies would need to be formed by those they would be meant to serve. The only mechanism that would be capable of allowing for different societies to development independently at the same time would be a social and political market mechanism upon which the various societies of the future would have to develop themselves. This would make our future societies flexible enough to be applied to any situation and for any reason.

For the kind of flexible future societies to develop that would be capable to apply itself to the common problems of its members, they would have to come to see each other as existing within a mutual relationship where each member sees their relationship to the others in a cooperative way where they support each other in achieving their mutual goals.

(pt5) Redefining The Market

The most powerful weapon in the arsenal of the corporations and free marketeers is the domination of the definition of the market. They have used the market as an ultimate ideal that they claim we are all a part of and that they and we must, therefore, adhere to. One of the problems that we face today is that the needs of the corporations now dictate our course of action.  It is to their health and welfare that those who work for them and those that are serviced by them must provide for if their own situations as people are to be maintained.

As long as we see them as our masters, they will dictate our futures and we will be their servants. We must show them for what they really are by redefining the method by which they justify all of their actions, the market. The corporations have used the market as an excuse for their irresponsibility toward the people that work for them as well as the people that they serve, not to mention the natural environment that they exploit. They see the market as being amoral.

We must change the definition of the market from one of it being irresponsible and it being any exchange that occurs between a buyer and a seller regardless of its outcome, to the market being based on the responsibility that those participating in it had to one another in providing them with the mutual satisfaction in the exchange of their product. Irresponsible markets are not based on any results.  Responsible markets are markets based on their result.

Redefining the market in social terms would remove its use to justify the legitimate deceit of the consumer in a market relationship! We must turn the market into a moral mechanism that dispenses honesty and transparency. Then, when the corporate world claims that their actions were forced on them because of the market, we will be able to judge them according to the results that occurred.

(pt4) Taking our Country Back

In order too break the monopoly of power that traditional government systems and now corporations have had, the people must take their country back.

In order to achieve this new system of government, a new form of government would have to be formed differently. The solution to corporate and government excesses would be to provide ourselves with a system of government support that could protect us.

This new form of government would have to provide the same kind of services, only in a more individual way. In order to provide for systems of government that are more accountable and responsible to those that they serve, we will have to allow people to manage their own needs and wants.   The core of taking our country back would be to provide the public with a means of self-governing themselves by supplying people with the means of collectively and in an individual way providing for their own needs.

This entrusted environment would be provided within a series of consumption oriented civil trusts designed to empower the consumers of the social products of society in a collective way.  Consumption oriented civil trusts would allow the individual to do the actual consuming. Through the individual forms of consumption of each person the people in a collective way would have real collective power over the corporations that they would do business with.  All of the members of a civil trust would have a collective effect on the corporations that would give the consumers the power to determine what they wanted to have provided to them and how.

(pt3) Global Problems Global Solutions

The problem with our current society is that people have lost confidence in the institutions that they once believed in. They have shown us that their interests and ours are not the same and never really were. Their true colors have become evident to all and that is that their interests are and always have been foremost on their mind.

What is, therefore, needed is to bring back our belief in our institutions and that means in providing new institutions capable of cementing our relationships with one another. In order to achieve this what we need are societies capable of instilling trust in the transactions that we make with one another. We need to know that the transactions that we are engaging in with one another are honest and fair.

Only then will we be able to socially exchange our hopes and dreams with one another and receive from their exchanges what we hope to receive from it. In order to achieve this we need to break the monopoly that traditional government systems have had.

The global problems that we are increasingly encountering require that we create a radical new way of seeing ourselves within the world and a new way of organizing ourselves accordingly. Not only a new form of government would be needed, but the way that it would be formed would also have to be done differently. A new form of government would have to provide the same kind of services only in a more personal and individual way.

(pt2) Thinking Out of the Box

In these times our institutions have failed us and have shown us that their interests are not the same as the people that they claim to be serving. The problems confronting us seem to be getting ever greater and the need for a new way of organizing ourselves that would allow us to meet these new challenges has become imperative.

What I will present on my website in the next months will be an introduction to my forthcoming book entitled Cosmopoly. It provides us with a method of taking our country back from the corporations that today dominate it and their government conspirators that do their bidding. It will also present my idea of Cooperativism, which will provide us with a new cooperative way of seeing ourselves within the world.

I will also show how within a state of Cosmopoly we can create a system of social and political organization that would be determined by those that are to receive its services rather than by those that are providing them. It will be a system designed to empower the people by forming itself around our common needs and wants. This new system would be designed to grow and change with us. It would be fashioned to help us become the best at the things that we want to do.

I encourage readers to contact me by commenting on my blog because I would like to start a dialog as to where we should be going as a society and how we might get there.

(pt1) Returning to Blogging

Let me first apologies for my absence. Last August I had to undergo a Laminectomy and I’ve had a hard recovery that has prevented me from working on the computer. But now I’m feeling fit enough to start blogging again.

Many of you know that I have been writing a book entitled Cosmopoly. What I want to start providing is an introduction to the concepts within my book because I want to start a dialog about how we can reorganize ourselves to meet the new problems that we now face and will continue to face in the future.

We are in one of those times in human history where the ways that things where done in the past are being replaced by how things will need to be done in the future. We are being forced to redefine ourselves according to the new situations that we are increasingly finding ourselves in. Where this will lead to and how we will get there will depend on how we interact with one another in trying to achieve our common concerns and interests. For the first time in human history the world will be what we make of it. We have the power within ourselves to remake the world in our own image.