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The Nature of Culture

In the spirit of helping us achieve a better understanding of ourselves, I would like for us to look at ourselves in a different way. This will require that we start to see ourselves from the point of what makes us similar as human beings rather than what makes us different nationalities.

Central to developing this new understanding of ourselves is an appreciation of how we understand the world through the cultures that we were born and exist in. Therefore, I would like to begin this next series of blogs exploring the subject of culture, what it is, what it has been and what it can be in a world that is changing at an ever increasing rate. 

We are Entering a Global Era

The problems that we are now facing are beyond our nation-state system to deal with. The effectiveness of our nation-states has diminished. No longer does the nation-state reign supreme. We are leaving our nation-states behind and entering a new collective global era whose institutions we have yet to realize.

Our global problems are moving us toward this global world in which our old ways of thinking are more of a hindrance than an asset. Our global problems will require that we can depend on each other’s cooperation if we are going to meet our common global concerns collectively.

Global climate change, the global recession and the potential swine flu pandemic among others are all reaffirming that globalization is here and, therefore, we are gong to need real global institutions necessary to deal with them.

A New Global Era

I haven’t Blogged for the last week because I had some things that I urgently needed to get done that didn’t allow me time to blog. But now I’m back!

I would like to start discoursing this new global era that we are in and show how we can use it to see ourselves in new global ways that will make more of us collectively then we have been separately.

We are entering a new era in which, we human beings and the planet that we live on are becoming one with one another and developing a cooperative relationship with each other.