Obama’s Presidential Visit

President Obama’s visit to Prague and Turkey has shown that his appeal reaches beyond Western Europe. How deep he is able to penetrate into the Muslim conciseness will only be made apparent in the months and years to come.

Man’s Inhumanity to Man

Yesterday I attended a great art exhibit titled” Man’s Inhumanity to Man”.  It dealt with what seems to be humanity’s destructive nature in destroying what we feel is not like us, what is different and, therefore, useless to how we view the world. It forces us to look deep into our souls and see what not only makes us different from those that would perpetrate atrocities but also what makes us similar to them.  It was a very moving experience that I recommend to everyone that can attend. 

Obama, President of the world

President Barack Obama has shown in Strasbourg, France that he is not only the President of the United States of America but also the defacto President of the world. He has given our common goals a global purpose and direction that we now all share in. Out of the concerns of many, he is making us one people with a common understanding of ourselves within the world.

Beginning a New Era or Returning to an Old One

The G-20 in London has shown that the multi headed hydra of nationalism is underneath the covers of global cooperation. Will the world come together or will it fly apart and revert to the protectionist ways of the past? Is this the beginning of a new era or a return to an old one?

Tailoring Governments to Meet Our Needs and Wants

In a society where the governments of the people would be formed by the people themselves, the people’s many different needs throughout life would lead to the formation of different types of societies to meet them.

In a society where everyone would live in the kind of society they want would require that we all have a common natural foundation that would bind us together and be the place that we all would have to start from. This common and collective foundation would allow the societies that depend on it to change with the needs of its members while still maintaining a stable foundation that everyone could count on.

The way that we would achieve this kind of a society would be through the one mechanism that allows for individual choice and that is the marketplace. When our social and political institutions have to market themselves to us like any other social commodity, then we will be able to hire the kind of societies that we want to service us. 

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