Global Organization for Global Problems

The political integration of humanity has historically been the result of the level of problems that we had to face.

In early human history our human existence and problems were local and immediate.  Security from wild animal and other human beings forced us to organize ourselves into bands of fifteen to thirty people for collective security.

As our security interests became larger, so did the forms of organizing ourselves to meet them. We went from city-states to kingdoms and now nation-states each designed to deal with the level of problems that they were encountering at the time.

Today our problems are global in nature. They are far beyond the capabilities of our nation-states to resolve on their own. To deal with them we will need to form global institutions that would be capable of dealing with them.

Global problems require global solutions, which can only be effectively provided through global organization.  How this global organization will be designed will determine the nature of life for the people of earth.

Change of My Website Program

I would like to notify you of my new schedule. Because of the time constraints allowed to me in the future and the video-podcasting that I will be doing on a regular basis, I will only be blogging on a regular basis three to two times a week, but I will blog when I feel that it is warranted. My new format will allow me to become more creative in the way that I can communicate with the public. Please continue to log on to my site because I believe that you will find the new format of my site to be interesting and thought provoking.

What are the things that make us similar?

Historically we have been taught to see others in terms of how different they seem to be from us. This has resulted in our seeing others as being contaminates to our own existence.  Of course with that kind of outlook we waged wars against one another and eventually committed genocide.

But, are our differences really differences?  I guess they are, if we see ourselves in purely cultural terms and by that I mean our language and customs.  Granted, language and customs are different in appearance but not in substance. While languages and customs are different in kind, in terms of what they are used for they are the same. Language and custom express our collective human expression. They are our fundamental forms of human expression and allow us to express the same things in different ways.

Our most fundamental human expressions are used to define our various stages of life. These are the ones that occur to us biologically, like birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and death. Our transition from one stage of life to another as well as our transition within each stage itself defines our relationship toward one another and determines our place within society.

While our stages of life are the same, what makes them different are the languages that we use to describe them and the rituals and customs that we use to represent them.  Since we all have a particular language and rituals that define our identity, our means of describing the stages of life are linguistically and culturally different, but the stages of life are the same for all. 

Are we a “We” Society or a “Me” Society?

If we are to survive as a human species, then we need to start looking at ourselves as members of the human species. Our common problems are now global problems that we are facing together.  Our problems are interlinked and can only be resolved in a global manner. But our institutions are national in character and, therefore, are able to see the world only according to their national interests. We live in a “me and mine” society and what we need is a “we and our” society.

A “we” society would be one in which we would see ourselves as extensions of each other. In a “we” society we grow as a result of one another not in spite of one another.  In a “we” society we would see ourselves in terms of our similarities to one another instead of our differences. This would make our differences our human variety and a sign of our human capability.

A Personal Political Representative for All

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If we are going to maximize our human potential, we will need to have at our disposal a system of government that is both answerable to the individual that is to use it as well as designed to support their endeavors. The development of each person’s ability to their fullest expands our human capabilities which leads to human development.

If every person is to be given the security that he or she needs to develop themselves to their fullest ability then they will need a personal political representative that could personally represent their political interests to all levels of government as well as with the public and private institutions that they would have business with.

New Blogsite Format

Welcome to my new blogsite format. When you logon to my website you will begin to see some of my artwork on display. This is a new feature on my site which will eventually lead to a permanent galley site in which I plan to show my work regularly. I hope you will enjoy it.

Soon my blogsite will also feature a regular podcast in which I will be talking about the issues and providing some solutions that I feel will help us achieve a better future for us all. Until then I hope you enjoy the podcast of the artwork of my fellow artist and friend Farzad Kohan.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Man’s Inhumanity to Man Panel Discussion

On Saturday, April 18, 2009 at the Brand Library in Glendale, California at 2pm I will be participating in a panel discussion on man’s inhumanity to man. This will be the discussion portion of the art exhibition titled “Man’s Inhumanity to Man’. We will be discussing not only the various genocides perpetrated throughout history but also how we can prevent them from happening in the future. It should be a lively and informative discussion that everyone is invited to attend. Come early and join the interactive gallery walkthrough at 11am as well as participate in the question and answer session with the artists. It should be an exciting and informative day that you will undoubtedly enjoy very much. Hope to see you there!

Easter Greetings

On this day I want to wish the world a happy Easter and peace to all upon our earth.

The Forming of a World Leader

The reception that President Barak Obama received in Europe during his G-20/ NATO meeting has shown how we are now in the beginning of a new global era in which our understanding of the world and ourselves within it will be global in nature because now our common problems are global in nature.

Every era was a reflection of the problems that it had to overcome. When our problems were local, our understanding of the world was also local. As we developed larger concerns, our understanding of ourselves and the world also grew larger. Local concerns became national concerns and national concerns became international concerns.

Today our concerns are global in nature which has given us a new view of ourselves as all being interconnected with not only one another but also with the natural world that we depend on.

Our global problems are global in nature and can only be met in a global way. Not one nation can divorce itself from the global problems that we now face. We are now all in this new global era but we are limited by our national solutions to it. But this is to be expected since we sill think in a national way.

Our global problems are going to make us global whether we like it or not. What we will need are global institutions that see their responsibility as dealing with the global problems of the world. We see the beginning of this global understanding of ourselves in Barak Obama’s visit to Europe.

Because of the nature of the global problems that we now face and the lack of effectiveness of national governments to be able to resolve on their own, Barak Obama has become the symbol of a new global understanding that the people have. The people have come to see that their futures are globally linked and, therefore, require global solutions. They also believe that global solutions are only achievable by a global leader that can transcend his national identity and represent the world. Barak Obama has shown himself to be such a figure.

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