Our global Point of No Return

We are just coming off of the most meteoric rise in global living standards in the history of humankind. It has been a rollercoaster ride that left us shell-shocked and our natural environment devastated. Our current financial collapse has shown us how interdependent we have now become.

We have come to realize that our national welfare is inextricably linked to the welfare of the globe making our human destiny and the destiny of our planet interlinked. 

Our current globalized national market system has failed us. Yet global trade has shown us that we are a market for each other’s products. We now have a better understanding of one another than we ever had in the past.

What we, therefore, now need is a new market system, one that can transcend the problems that the old one had and deliver our products to us in a managed way that we could rely on. 

Government from the Bottom-up

Because civil trust government would be a system of political marketplaces, it would be constructed from the bottom-up based on the public service needs and wants of the people that they would be designed to serve.

This political marketplace would function at two levels.

The first level of the political marketplace would be each person hiring their own civil trustee to provide them with the government management that would need.  And the second level of the political marketplace would be the hiring of the government service providers that they needed from those supplied to them by their civil trustees.

Designer Adhoc Governments

A system of designer adhoc governments could accomplish this by implementing a political marketplace. A political marketplace would allow various government service providers to market their government service products to the public.  


As a person needed public services, they would hire them from the government service providers that would be supplying them. This purchasing of government in the form of its services would result in forming adhoc governments tailored to the personal needs of each person.

Hiring The Government That You Want Through

What if you could hire the kind of government that you wanted?  We need a system of government in which we would hire a licensed government service provider to provide it for us.  Allowing licensed government providers to form the government service needs of the public into civil trusts would allow people to determine their own institutions.


A political marketplace would allow the public to hire the government service providers that could supply them with the kind of civil trusts needed to deliver the kind of government services that they want.  A system of civil trusts would be the result of a political marketplace in which they would be able to construct and reconstruct themselves into the various forms of government that its members would wish to organize for themselves. 

Marketing Government

What is government actually? It is a set of services provided by a government to its citizens. If governments are really only the government services that they provide, then what if we could hire the government services that we wanted for ourselves? It would be like going to a government superstore and buying the government services that we needed off the shelf.


Government would then become the services that we each would have hired for ourselves. Our personal government services would constitute our own personal governments designed to meet our particular individual needs, concerns and wants. We would then actually live within a society of designer governments that would change as our personal needs changed and grow according to our needs.

Replacing Political Monopolies with a Political Marketplace

If we are going to be able to create accountable government institutions, we need to have institutions market themselves to us for our personal acceptance like any other social commodity. Being able to either hire or fire our own government service providers would make each person a government service consumer that would be able to define what their government providers would have to supply them with. 

Each Person Needs a Personal Representative

In a constant changing world each person needs to have at his or her disposal their own personal representatives that would represent them everywhere they would wish to be represented. In a world where a person is constantly at the mercy of powers beyond their control, individuals need their own personal representative to act as a go-between for the various situations that they would find themselves in.


This personal representative would be the one person that each person would have to go to who would lookout for their personal interest and welfare no matter where they are. This personal representative would politically represent their political client at all levels of government as well as with all of the private institutions that they would affiliate themselves with.

Merit pay for Teachers

What is the problem with education? Is it the lack of quality teachers that so many have been taught to believe is the culprit? Or is it the educational congestion that teachers and school districts are forced to deal with because of the government’s and the public’s refusal to fund schools adequately. Might it not be the overcrowding and lack of facilities in our schools?


What kind of instruction do you think that you could provide in a classroom with 35 to 40 students per class and the same amount of time per class? How about dealing with students whose parents either refuse or are unable to get involved in their children’s lives and to care for their emotional needs and leave it up to the teachers and schools to deal with? If we want teachers to be creative and provide our children with the kind of education that they deserve, then we must supply them and their teachers with the facilities and work environment that they need in order to achieve it.

Braking Political Monopolies

The lack of government accountability and responsibility has reached the point where a totally different method of government is needed if we are to gain control over our own governments.

In order to break the political monopoly over the governing of society, the only true mechanism capable of achieving real accountability is the marketplace.

A political marketplace would force governments to compete with one another for the affiliation of the public. 

The Need for Change

There are times in human history when the need for change becomes so evident that its inevitability is not only assured but only a matter of time. This is such a time! The unaccountability of our governments to act responsibly in managing our societies is a direct result of them being political monopolies. 

A political monopoly is a government that has sole sovereignty over a particular territory, its people and resources and is, therefore, able to dictate its will upon them.  It is this sole sovereignty that has traditionally given governments a monopoly over the governance of their people, which has forced people to have to live under the type of government forced upon them by those in positions of power. 

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