Undemocratic Republicans

The Republicans are basically an undemocratic group because they try to disempower their opposition through various nefarious means. They don’t consider that everyone should have equal access to power and instead believe that an elite should rule and determine the conditions for all. They don’t want to relinquish power in any way or even have to compromise their ideas, which they call values, that they never really define. 

Turning the Table on Republicans

To create a progressive nation, liberals must turn the table on the conservatives that have redefined the nation in their own terms. What the republicans have done to liberals is to give them labels that defined them according to conservative notions. If liberalism is to become the standard of the nation instead of the exception to what conservatives did to liberals, liberals must now do to them in return.

To be able to redefine the nation in progressive terms, liberals must define the conservatives in liberal terms. We must show republicans for what they really are, exclusive and intolerant of anyone that does not think, act or look like them. Republicans have no room for differences because they are self-absorbed and self-centered and only accept people like themselves.  So in order to show the republicans for what they really are one label that liberals could start using to paint conservatives with might read; “it is better to be an inclusive liberal than an exclusive conservative”.

Republicans and Wealth Understanding

When are Republicans going to see that their wealth is dependent on the health of the society in which they are allowed to make it? Wealth without a society is no wealth at all.

Greed Based Societies

Historically societies based on greed lead to greedy societies, where no one cares for anyone else but themselves. Is this the kind of society that the Republicans wish for us?

The Dichotomy of Republican Conservatism

The dichotomy of Republican conservatism is that while it preaches individual freedom, because it is also exclusive, it also tends to define what is right, good and acceptable for all which negates any sense of freedom for anyone not like themselves. 

Republicans and the Perception of Greed

The Republicans have made Conservatism synonymous with greed. While most conservatives would not agree with this statement because they see themselves as being prudent and fiscally responsible, to those that are to be the victims of any prudent and fiscal policy, seeing those that will not suffer tell them that they must do the suffering alone looks like greed to them. 

Rational Conservatism verse Irrational Conservatism

Rational conservatism is about being responsible while irrational conservatism is about being irresponsible. Irresponsibility is about greed and unaccountability while responsibility is about accountability. Conservatism without accountability is nothing more than a parasite living off the host of the nation.

Conservative versus Liberal Think Tanks

In order to crate a new liberal and progressive paradigm capable of subplanting the conservative one that we have been living under for the passed 25 years, liberals need to create a whole new generation of liberal-progressive think tanks designed to highlight the differences between us and the conservatives as well as communicate why liberalism is preferable over conservatism.

We must show how conservatism is about maintaining the past, and the interests of the few while Liberalism is about the interests of the many and about creating a new future for all.  These new think tanks must show that conservatives are about not sharing either wealth or power while Liberals are about just the opposite.

Republicans’ Lack of Moral Responsibility

Republicans have made conservatism seem like a system based on greed and irresponsibility. Republicans have become a bunch of self-centered individualists with no sense of personal responsibility to anyone or anything else except their own self described ideology.

But true conservatism, because it is based on the lack of need for government, is based instead on peoples’ ultimate personal responsibility. The lack of a need for an official government means that conservatism must be augmented with a system of voluntary government service motivated by their personal responsibility toward each other’s collective needs.

But today’s Republicans are not the conservatives of personal responsibility and prudence. Instead they have turned the conservative idea of personal responsibility into the unfettered lust for greed and avarice with no sense of responsibility for anyone or to anything else, but their own interests.

The Bankrupted Ideas of the Republicans

Republicans just do not get it! Their ideas are bankrupted. They have nothing to say that the American people want to hear.  Democracy means that when you loose, it is the result of you failing to convince the people of your program. What America needs in this time of national and global crisis, is not more obstruction but construction. As the old saying goes, ”lead, fellow, or get out of the way”.  It is time for the Republicans to get out of the way and follow because they sure don’t know how to lead.

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