Where to Invest the Public’s Tax Money

The question about today’s financial crisis is where to invest the public’s tax money. The best that anyone has come up with to date involves bailing out very large corporations that are just too big to be allowed to fail.

These corporate megaliths have a stranglehold on society and the only method to economic salvation available for the public seems to be their satisfaction. But by feeding this beast, don’t we only increase its appetite? And what guaranty do we have that there will even be a market for the products that they will produce?

Political and Social Commodities

Our social and political institutions should have to market themselves to us like any other social commodity.  This would make institutions accountable to those that they would service.

Looking for New Ways to Receive Government Services

Should not people around the world be allowed to solicit government services from the best sources available to them? In a time when we are looking for new ways to organize ourselves, we might think about allowing societies to receive government services from all sources available to them – either domestic or foreign. But how do we connect the producers and providers of the world together internationally?

I believe that we should use the market to distribute the services of government to the public just like any other social commodity. We would then simply hire the type and amount of government that we needed within a political marketplace that could lead to rendering our existing inefficient governments obsolete.

Conservatism As Religion

Truth and reason has gone out of the window in Republican circles. Their political views have now become dogma and taken on a religious quality that supersedes any rationality.

What Is A Society For?

What is a society for? Is it for one sector of society to prey upon the other sector of society? Or is it about the cooperation between people so that they can provide themselves with the help of others those things that they could not provide for themselves individually.  I believe it to be the latter.   In fact, I believe that cooperation with one another is the only reason for society. This makes the relationships within society cooperatively based and therefore dependent on one another.

We must show that society is not simply a population source to be exploited, the way that many in society today have been taught to believe to be true. Instead we must show that society and life are give and take processes in which we grow and prosper with the help of the other, instead of acting against one another.

Redefining Society For A Common Future

This argument between Republicans and Democrats as to the function of society must be presented to the people for them to see the merits and shortcoming of both. Only when the people start to think of society in terms of its function will they see it as something that either controls them or works for them.

Lead, Fellow, Or Get Out Of The Way

The history of political organization was based on the kind of problems that they had to overcome. Each new political era is a result of overcoming the problems that plagued the last.

This is now the case with the American election. The Republicans have failed and the people have rejected them and replaced them with the Democrats. Now it is time for them to step back and allow the government that the people voted for to govern them. 

Letting Go Of The Torch

The Republicans find it difficult to allow for the natural transition of power to occur. If they are not in power they then go into guerrilla warfare mode where they become obstructionists simply to disrupt the Democrats from governing.

Republicans Trying To Monopolize The Discourse

Republicans have for too long, tried to monopolize the discourse within the American society by trying to limit what was available to the American people. Ideas that were not their own were seen to be an evil that would contaminate any and all that would hear or read their unholy words.

They have substituted ideas with belief because it is easier for the people to understand and requires merely faith. Republicans want to monopolize thought in America by trying to limit it to only what they approve of. This allows them to manipulate the people’s will by limiting their choices. A population that knows no other way will not expect another way.

Republicans With Nowhere To Go

Since it was the Republicans that cooked up this financial mess they, therefore, have nothing pertinent to add to its resolution. 

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