Polishing Bush’s Legacy

It is amazing how George W. Bush can now claim credit for keeping America save. The Bush legacy project is in full gear. His spin-misters have been working overtime to paint him as having a successful tenure as President. 

Somali Pirates or Not?

Ah! Somali pirates those scalawags! This is the way that we have come to see the Somalis lately.  And considering our natural inclination for the pirate stories of old and their swashbuckling tails of adventure on the high seas, pirate stories are a natural for us because we love pirates even when we hate them.

Therefore, describing what the Somalis were doing as piracy made sense in a media driven way because there was already a market for it. So describing what the Somalis were doing as piracy made a complicated situation simple.

Now what has come out in “The Independent” (U.K.), is that the so-called Somali pirates are actually fisherman trying to defend themselves from what they see as a direct attack on their lives and livelihoods. It appears that certain unscrupulous European hospitals were having a hard time trying to dispose of their radioactive waste, so they subcontracted their disposal problems to the Italian Mafia. The Mafia then took advantage of the fact that Somalia doesn’t have a navy to stop them, in fact they don’t even have much of a government to do anything about it. Therefore, their disposal off the Somali coast was safe and profitable.

Also, because of the lack of a proper navy to patrol its own waters, factory trawlers have been fishing out Somali waters with no limits imposed on them. The Somali fisherman in order to protect their own waters from over fishing and illegal dumping, attacked the ships that they felt were responsible and therefore owed them payment.

Misguided Compassion for George W. Bush

What dose it say about a society that in the name of misguided compassion ignores those, (George Bush and company) that instigated its problems while those that were injured are ignored and even forgotten? We have turned our so-called leaders into secular kings with the right to act irresponsibly and accountable to no one but themselves. Is this the kind of country that we thought we lived in?

George W. Bush Accountable for Nothing

It is amazing to see how little scrutiny George Bush is receiving from the press and the country in general, especially in a time of historical problems caused in many respects by him either directly or indirectly. The nation doesn’t seem to be ready to hold him accountable for anything that he has done. 

Bernard Madoff is an example of a flawed system

Bernard Madoff is an example of the inherent flaws in an unregulated marketplace based primarily on greed and deception. If the market is to survive from those like Madoff, then it must become more transparent and user-friendly.

What happened to the bailout money?

350 billon dollars has been used to make sure that the wealth remained with the wealthy. We have been led to believe that we needed to shore up the financial sector so that it could finance the rest of society. What we have received in return has been the re-enrichment of the wealthy that had lost their wealth in the financial crash at the expense of the taxpayers that financed them. 

The Need for Creative Leadership

The problem with our present leadership structure is that it does not promote creativity. Everywhere in the world the institutions that are supposed to promote leadership have proven themselves to provide just the opposite. What we tend to get is mediocrity that seems to not know anything more about how to get us out of the predicaments that we face than we ourselves do.


If we are to successfully meet the global challenges that await us, then we will need to employ people who can provide us with new ways of thinking to get us there because only a new way of thinking will allow us to successfully transcend our differences. This means that we need a new system of governance, one that would be adaptable to all forms of existing governments and that would promote the creative ones in our society, because it is they who will get us to where we want to go.

Palestinians and Israelis Looking at a Common Future

If we as human beings can become what we envision, then the Israelis and the Palestinians could also envision a common future together.  In order to achieve this they will have to ask themselves what they want the Middle East to look like in ten, twenty, or fifty years from now to realize it.

Israel and Hamas Reluctant Dancers

Israel and Hamas have shown what can happen when leaders become creatively bankrupt. Neither one has a way of coming to an agreement without feeling that they have surrendered. They have no new ideas and therefore feel compelled to use the old-ones.

The Need for Educational Experimentation

Creating an educational system that could change and grow as the needs of society and students change is what will be needed to meet the many changes that tomorrow will bring. We have yet to understand the full possibilities that new forms of education could provide us with. Therefore, we must create an educational environment that will allow for the greatest degree of educational experimentation to occur.

To create a world in which everyone will have a place, we need to make everyone part of the process. This will require that we incorporate the capabilities of as many people as we can in the construction of their own institutions. If we are going to provide education to all of the people, then we will need new ways of educating ourselves, which will allow us to develop our various capabilities. 

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