President Obama’s Great Opportunity

The illegality of the Bush regime has placed America at a turning point. This is not new. It happened before with the Nixon tenure and we failed to meet the challenge presented us. Gerald Ford prevented us from establishing the rule of law as the foundation upon which our country will forever stand. Instead we replaced the rule of law with the rule of those that see themselves as our natural rulers.

This has allowed those in positions of power to feel that they have rights that the rest of us don’t possess which has allowed our Presidents to dictate to us their vision rather than help us realize our vision for ourselves. President Barack Obama is again at the same crossroad as Gerald Ford was. Will he bring the Bush people to justice forever establishing that America is based on the rule of law or will he cave in to pressure to do nothing for the sake of political harmony? 

Republicans are they Patriots or Not?

Even in these times of crises the Republicans have shown how obstructionist they really are. They don’t seem to want to see President Obama succeed. In fact many Republicans seem to want to see the economic collapse of America just as long as no Democrat is successful. Are these Republicans the patriots that they always claim to be? I don’t think so!

Envoys to the Rescue

The use of Envoys to conduct foreign policy in terms of George Mitchell for the middle-east and Richard Holbrooke for Pakistan and Afghanistan has given a long-term dimension to foreign policy in the Obama administration’s hotspots. 

The End of Torture and their Torturers

Finally the closing of Guantanamo Bay within a year, the first step in dismantling Bush’s illegal torture apparatus. Now if we could only bring those that initiated the torture to justice. Only then will we be able to put this stain behind us.

Expectations for a Pax Obama

With only one day behind us in the Obama Presidency the anticipation for something new, something wishful and something inspiring has dominated our thoughts. What we are asking of our new young President is nothing more than a Pax Obama that will rejuvenate us and remake us anew.

New President and New Possibilities


Today we have a new President and new possibilities. The problems that are awaiting us will force us to deliver ourselves from our shortcomings and give us a new common future that will show us how interconnected we really are with each other and the natural world that we all depend on.

Congratulations President Obama!

Congratulations President Obama! We all wish you the best tenure and stand ready to support you in taking our nation and the world in a new direction. Mr. President, please bring us together and make more of us collectively than we now are separately. Give us a new image in which we will see our own reflections in each other’s eyes.

The Civil Rights of Barack Obama

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The linkage that Barack Obama has made between himself and Dr. Martin Luther King is not simply a matter of race. Rather it is about civil rights and the fact that we all have civil rights that cannot be taken away from us because they were not given to us by any person but rather we are born with them and, therefore, no one has the right to deny anyone else their civil rights. Barack Obama’s election is a testament to the fact that he has a civil right to be President of the United States rather than being allowed to be President by the white ruling establishment.

Barack Obama and the Martin Luther King Day

On this Martin Luther King Day holiday, Barack Obama has begun to bring us together as a people by asking us to make this civil rights day into a day of service and self-sacrifice by helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

Barack Obama’s Unique Moment in History

On the day before the eve of the inauguration of Barack Obama, the anticipation for what tomorrow will bring is thick in the air. The excitement and expectation for a new and different tomorrow are not only felt within America, it is also felt throughout the wider world. Never before have the hopes of the world been so united as they are now. This gives President Elect Barack Obama the unique ability to mobilize not only American support but global support as well. This will allow him to not only reshape America but also reshape the world and point it in a new direction that will lead to global unity and our political evolution.

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