The Natural Environment and Us

To bring a better understanding of our close relationship to our natural environment, I propose that we designate the first month of each year as the environment month. During this month we would celebrate our natural environment by planting a tree in its name.

For those of us that celebrate Christmas we could buy live Christmas trees that we could plant after the holiday instead of discarding them. Those that don’t celebrate Christmas could purchase a tree and plant it in the name of our common natural environment.

This would not only help in reforestation but it would also give the entire world an common holiday regardless of our nationality and ethnicity. It would be the first globally recognized holiday that would begin the New Year.

Art and a Green Economy

Art can be used to promote a green economy. Art can be used economically by providing us with a means of reinventing ourselves carbon free. Art in the form of performances and exhibitions and the like can be used to generate economic activity.

That could be used as a foundation upon which to grow a larger economy. Art could be used to provide a cottage industry of various works of art that could provide for a local economy that would be able to supply a foundation upon which an extended economy could develop.

Art as Commodity

Because of the nature of the art industry, art has become a commodity. And like a commodity, it is in constant search for something new and different to offer the public. Today because of our market orientated society one of the problems is that we tend to see everything as a commodity and art is no exception.

Art is the most Personal form of human Expression

Art allows people to express themselves in their own way. This is what makes art so fundamentally gratifying to all those that religiously pursue it.

Art, the most Underutilized Form of Human Activity

Art is the most underutilized form of human activity. We tend to see art only as a reflection of the past and not that it can also be a harbinger of the future. Art gives us the ability to think in new and unforeseen ways. Therefore, art can give us the kind of collective vision that we need to show us the way to a new common understanding of ourselves that will allow us to recreate that kind of society and world that we hope to achieve.

Art is the most Basic Form of Human Thinking

Art is the most basic form of human thinking. It permits us to record our visual thinking process. It gives us a visual approximation of things and how we see the world. Therefore, it provides us with a means of expressing ourselves in ways that we cannot express in words.

Art is the most Fundamental form of Human Expression

Because human beings are fundamentally visual, art is the most fundamental form of human expression. Our forms of writing and number systems are all derived from the use of art. All other forms of human visual expression are, to a fundamental degree, based on an artistic representation of the things that they are trying to convey. Art provides us with the symbols that we use to explore our existence. 

Two Functions of Art

Historically art has had one of two functions. It has traditionally been used to reinforce existing social, political and religious norms by giving the people a visual representation of the way that things should be. In the 19th and especially the 20th century art has also been used to question politics and society as well as the nature of human understanding itself.

Everyone Believes they already know what Art is

A fundamental problem with the understanding of art is that everyone believes that they already know what art is and therefore, what is not art. This is because we human being are fundamentally visual. This visual identification defines for us what is good art and what is not good art.

Art is a Language that we need to first learn

What is Art? This is a response that many people have that can’t make heads or tails of the contemporary art scene. What they don’t realize is that art today is less about want they think art is and more there own reaction to the art. Modern art is a language that first must be learned. Only then dose a person develop an understanding of what the artist was trying to say. 

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