The First Global Governing Institution

The G-20 meeting that is convening in Washington DC this weekend to deal with the global financial crisis is a momentous moment in world history. Never before has the world been forced to come together on a global level to resolve a common problem that will result in realigning the world to meet this new challenge collectively.

This realignment will lead to the formation of the first true global governing institution, which will define the global relationships for the world’s financial institutions.

The result will be the formation of the beginning of a global infrastructure that will result in the restructuring of the world that will give us a new global sense of ourselves.

Art, the most Human of all Human Activities

Art is the most human of all human activities, because everything human begins with the use of art in some form or fashion. We think through art. Art allows us to think with no restrictions. Through the use of art we explore the world around us. It is the method that we use to thinking abstractly when we have no other means available to us. 

Empowering our Natural Environment

Nature is under attack as never before. We human beings have stretched the capabilities of our natural environment to provide us with all that we want as well as to provide for its own capability to rejuvenate itself. If nature is to not only survive but flourish it must be able to represent its own interest it will have to be given an equal seat at the table that would allow it to negotiate its own future with those that wish to use its resources.

Public Defined Government

Imagine a world in which government would be the result of tailoring itself to the needs and wants of the people that they served. This is not an unachievable utopian vision but actually a vision that is not only achievable but actually inevitable.

If we are going to be able to efficiently interact with one another as well as the natural environment that we all depend on then we will need someone hired by people and therefore would be at their disposal when we needed them and that we could go to for help when we needed it.

By giving each of us a personal government representative that we could go to for our government services and that would be able to represent us personally at every level of government would have to empower us personally. It would do this by allowing us to act in a free and individual manner that would permit us to pursue our personal aspirations without fear of persecution.

Political Monopolies and the Nation State

All state systems and our current nation state is no exception, were political monopolies. A political monopoly is a state system based on maintaining dominance for the sake of dominance. Political monopolies are formed when the dominant political system of a state also becomes the reason for the state. This political monopoly is also the base for our current nation state system, where the state is no more about the people today, than it was about the people in the past.

Our current nation states as political monopolies have been able to steer the resources of the state toward themselves through either public or private means. They have empowered themselves at the expense of the people that they are supposed to serve and made it seem to be as natural as water falling down hill.

In an age that will require a new way of seeing ourselves beyond our national differences, the nation state system as a national system has outlived its usefulness. It has become a blotted self-indulgent beast with its own self-interests that we need to protect ourselves from.

Therefore, we need to provide ourselves with a new local layer of government that we can form when we need it and directly control. It would act as a layer of government security that we could count on to protect our interests and shield us from any abuses from the larger established governments that we have to deal with and the corporations that fund them.

What I will be unveiling in my forthcoming blogs will be this new and revolutionary form of local layer government that we would form and control locally. I will be showing how it would be an additional and parallel shadow government that would work next to our existing governments, but it would be formed by us and able to protect us from them.

Letter to Sen. Barack Obama

Few people in history arrive at just the right time to make a dramatic imprint on history. The global financial crises, climate change, dwindling resources and food shortages are all calling for answers that will require a global solution and at the hub of any global solution is America.

Congratulations Mr. President Elect Obama, you are now America’s new helmsmen and the one person in the world that will be able to call upon its resources to meet its problems. We are waiting for your direction -just show us the way!

Forging a New People

President Elect Barack Obama’s election has given Americans and immigrants, blacks, whites, Latinos, Asians and Native Americans a common experience that we now all share with one another and that will be our defining moment. This was the kind of event that forges a common identity between peoples that bonds them together and makes of us a new people with a common sense of ourselves. 

A New Way of Educating Ourselves

We are entering a new era that will thrust upon us a new way of seeing ourselves, which will require a new way of educating ourselves to meet the needs that a new tomorrow will bring. What I will be discussing in my forthcoming education blog is the nature of education and how we should create new educational institutions that would allow us to meet the educational needs in our future.

Community Financial Trusts

The excesses of Capitalism have shown us that a system based on pure greed is bound to fail, because pure greed creates irresponsibility that leads to its own self-destruction. This pure greed of our financial institutions spread to us on main-street and turned us all into consumers of anything and everything that was provided to us. This need to over consume and over-perform, led us to an era of self-indulgence without any feeling of self-responsibility for our actions. This resulted in creating the financial problems that led to our current financial crisis.

In a time when we cannot trust those to whom we have given our money for safekeeping, we need a system that is responsible to us and that we can count on to act in our favor. The financial crisis has shown the people of America the need to have a means available to us to insulate ourselves from the decisions made by those that we elect to govern us. The one asset that everyone needs is money. Therefore, to make sure that our money is safe we need to create a system of community financial trusts that would hold our money in common for us.

These, community financial trusts would also be able negotiate the terms for the use of our money by the banks and other financial institutions that wanted them. This would permit us to stipulate for what purpose our money could be used, which would allow us to direct it to those areas the we felt needed them. Then we could direct our own money toward main-street rather than toward those on wall street who manipulate it for their own greedy purposes. Capitalism, Financial TrustsCapitalism, Financial Trusts

The Failure of Unfettered Capitalism

The failure of Capitalism, as a credible market system has become quite clear in terms of the financial problems that we now face. These financial problems where allowed to develop as a result of the free market. This failure of our financial system has shown us the inherent weakness in a system based on the ends justify the means. Unfettered capitalism has produced a system that is hostile to its own and has resulted in producing an antagonism resulting in people not really working together because they see themselves as being independent of everything and everyone else, responsible to no one else but themselves.

Capitalism has become a lumbering drunken giant overweight with its own excesses without a direction to go in. Its internal organs have become extended to the point where they are now more of a hindrance to the health of the patient than a means for its survival.

Adam Smith’s idea of the market was to make things better for society, which would make it stronger. Today Capitalism is seen as a means to exploit one another. In fact when one person rips-off another we use the term “its only business”. This has led to Capitalism being seen as a sinister & antagonistic undertaking in which greed prevails and the enrichment of oneself at the expense of the other rules. This has tainted the market with unscrupulous behavior based on greed, with no sense of responsibility to anyone but oneself. This way of thinking has led us to the financial or crisis that we now find ourselves in.

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