Creating an Harmonious Way of Life

A more harmonious way of life would be one in which our relationships would be sustainable with both our natural environment as well as with each other. If we are going to form new ways of living with ourselves and our natural environment then we will need to organize our relationships in a more sustainable manner.  And, the most sustainable relationships are the ones that we have a shard interest in. This leads us to explore our social environments, which allows us to grow through each other’s support. 

A Chance to Fundamentally Rethink Society

The tough times ahead of us have provided us with a unique opportunity to actually build the kind of societies that we want. Our global economic crisis, climate change and global interdependence have all contributed to the formation of a new global reality that has overshadowed the needs and wants of our natural realities and made them irrelevant.


The ways of the past cannot be the ways of the future, which will require a different way of seeing ourselves. This is a time for us to rethink just what kind of society we want for ourselves.   We need to reevaluate the kind of life that we want to have.  Do we want to go back to the hectic past where conspicuous consumption was seen as the reason for life? Or do we want to create a more harmonious way of life?

Thanksgiving Day Greeting

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Redefining the Word Market

The problems that we face are not just structural but also perceptual.

Within my forthcoming, “Cosmopoly”, I describe the true nature of a market that takes the word “market” back from those that have bastardized it by using it as an excuse to cover-up their nefarious acts and crooked dealings.

A true market is about accountability and responsibility as well as providing us with what we expect from the relationships that we create.

In “Cosmopoly” a true market will be shown to be what a market really is and that is a cooperative undertaking in which market relationships would be formed based on the mutual satisfaction of those involved.

“Cosmopoly” will show that a true market is not about cheating the other person, but instead it is about providing the other person with what they entered the market relationship for.

What is Cosmopoly?

Cosmopoly is a word that I created from the word cosmopolitan, which was an ancient Greek term meaning worldly or a citizen of the world. Therefore, Cosmopoly means living in a cosmopolitan world in which each person is a true citizen of the world because they live in a cosmopolitan state of existence that encompasses all and takes them beyond their national limitations.


What is Cosmopoly? It is a way to ultimate freedom based on mutual responsibility and respect. It is a way of seeing ourselves and living within the world that makes us feel that we are one with it.


I envision a state of Cosmopoly that would be based on ones individual freedom through maintaining a collective responsibility to each other. Cosmopoly would be a state of personal existence in which each person of society would be expected to think for themselves as well as take personal responsibility for the various societies that they would support.


I show how today because of the results of globalization we have increasingly formed a Cosmopoly of free thinkers that are redefining their own existences in global terms, that allow them to transcend beyond their national identities and see the world with new eyes.


Therefore, Cosmopoly is about the creation of a cosmopolitan world based on individual freedom of choice coupled with a collective responsibility to each other. My ultimate goal is to create a Cosmopoly that will show us that we really are individuals with a responsibility to live within a cooperative existence where we share the world with each other as well as with the natural environment. 

Moral Hazard and Corporate Restructuring

The problem with our global economy is moral hazard. Our corporations have become too big to allow them to fail. The belief in the bigger the better has shown itself to be unresponsive and producing a parasitic relationship upon the society that they were designed to serve.

What is needed is more competition and what is required is a dismantling of the corporate oligopolies that dominate the economy. Only new ideas will allow us to create the kind of corporate system that we will need to meet the challenges of our future.

If the public is to be stuck with buying up the mega-corporations, then lets break them up into more efficient and innovative smaller corporations and companies. What we need is a Teddy Roosevelt, someone that would make many new corporations out of the few mega-corporations that now dominate our economy.

A Diploma that Grows with the Holder

The educational problems that we face today have resulted in only 50% of high school graduates actually receiving a diploma and an increasingly disaffected teacher corps as well as dissatisfied parents. The growing number of young people that are not receiving a high school diploma has reached crises proportion. In a time when the need for an ever-increasing level of education has become a must, our current system of diploma granting is left sorely lacking.


In an era of increasing need for continuing education just to keep up with the changing needs that the challenges of tomorrow with bring, we need a totally new form of diploma granting system. This system must be one that could tailor itself to the needs of the students that would be receiving them.  Since it is better to have a diploma than not, every student should receive some degree of diploma that they could then augment over their lifetime.


Because of our increasing drop-out rate and if we are going to provide those students that have fallen behind and need an avenue back into the mainstream or those that just want to a career improvement to be able to successfully achieve their goals, we need to provide everyone with a diploma that they can personally build on, it is paramount that we create a new type of resume diploma that can meet everyone’s needs


These new diplomas I call resume diplomas because they would be able to grow with the holder. This way a resume diploma would be able to stand for so much more then successfully completing a set of courses although it should also include it.  It would also show a person’s overall capabilities that would change as they go through life.


Resume diplomas would actually better reflect the actual overall capabilities of the holder then a standard diploma would, that my have been granted many years ago. Resume diplomas would be modeled diplomas that would be designed to reflect not only each person’s capabilities but also their possibilities.


Instead of each student having to be judge by a single standard, a resume diploma granting system would be one that could be issued according to the accomplishments and capabilities of the holder’s academic achievements and experience. This would create a diploma system that could be issued for a variety of criteria allowing resume diplomas to be tailored to the accomplishments of the holder.

A Tribute to Barack Obama

We are entering uncharted seas that will require not only a steady hand but also an imaginative mind. President Elect Barack Obama seems to have the qualities of mind and sprit needed during these perilous times. He has shown himself to be the eye of the storm when all around him is in chaos. 

A Book that can Change the World

In my forthcoming blogs I will present an introduction to my book entitled “Cosmopoly”. My blogs will give an understanding of some of the ideas that I will present within it. It will provide a new philosophical system that I hope will make a better world by bringing us all together.

“Cosmopoly” will be the presentation of a revolutionary political system that I believe will not only change the way that we do things but also how we see ourselves. It will help us see ourselves in terms of our human similarities which I believe will contribute to us seeing past our national differences and create a new vision of ourselves that we can all share in and create a better world from. 

Liberals need a Common Direction

Liberals have lost their way. Liberals have been all about being inclusive but with no sense of a common direction. In a rush to be inclusive they have lost their direction and are now rudderless in search of an inviting port.

Liberalism has become an ever-extending parking garage with ever more occupancy. While everyone parks together in the evening they all go home in different directions.

If liberals are going to come together instead of moving apart they must create a common direction and chart a common course for all to fellow. If Liberalism is about bring people together then, it must be about evolving into a new people, one with many different origins but all having the same direction. Liberalism must be about bringing us together and making more of us together then we are separately.

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