The beginning of a new era

Every era of change is a result of the inability of the proceeding era to deal with the new conditions that they encountered. Today is no exception. The issues that we face today are global in nature, which has transcended our national institutions capabilities to effectively deal with them.

Because our existing governments are the only governments available to us, we are forced to use them to deal with the global problems that we now face. But because they are all nationally based, they are not designed to deal with our common global problems, which will increasingly be the case in the future and are therefore doomed to failure.

Developing a New Way of Seeing Ourselves

What I will be presenting in my forthcoming Sunday blogs will be some of the premises in my upcoming book tiled “Cosmopoly”. Within it I show how, because of global events, we are developing a new way of seeing ourselves, one that will lead to a new way of organizing ourselves.

I show that we are entering a new era that will give us a global identity that will bring us all together and make of us one human family. Arriving at this global identity is not an accident, it is the result of a continuous process of increasing levels of identity, each increasing our incorporation of ever larger identities. This has brought us to where we are today, the development of a common global identity that we will all share with one another.

This global identity will give us a global consciousness that will force us to see ourselves in a global way, as part of the natural world as well as our human extensions of it. With a global identity we will come to see that our differences are due to our variety, which are the various ways that we humans have had to overcome the situations that we had to face.

This global identity is fast replacing our traditional identities as the foundations upon which we perceived ourselves start to give way. Our various financial systems that we once looked at with national pride have evolved into a global entity that can no longer be controlled nationally.

This new global financial identity that we are currently engaged in will require a new common way of seeing ourselves. This will be the first step in the formation of a global government institution that will determine the nature of all of the currencies around the world. This will force countries everywhere to have to comply with an international body that they would be linked to in a fundamental way that they could not separate themselves from.

This will lead to a diminishing of the power of individual countries, which will eventually result in them losing their sovereignty over their people and the natural resources that they claim for themselves. This will result in people having more freedom from their governments, which will allow them to make their own choices and form the kinds of governments and societies that they wish for themselves.

As our old models fail the contemporary tests that they are being applied to, my predictions that we are in a change of eras are coming true. The models in our head no longer fit the realities forming around us requiring new models to be formed to replace them. An example of this failure is our traditional understanding of Capitalism, which has shown us that we were actually much more interwoven with one another than we ever thought. 

Welcome to my website!

The purpose of this website is to contribute to the ongoing discussions concerning the many issues of the day. By publicizing my ideas I hope that they will add to a better understanding of the problems we face as well as contribute to how we can over come them.

Throughout human history when the need to change has become painfully apparent, change does occur. This is just such a time. The pressures of the global age and the problems that have resulted from it are forcing us to re-evaluate just who we are as human beings, as well as what our role within the world really is.

No one is able to predict the future and I am no exception, but the future can be guided in the direction that we wish it to go.  The way we see ourselves has always determined the kind of society that has developed around us. Therefore, the way that we see ourselves in the present will determine the kind of societies that will develop in the future.

To see ourselves differently will require that we see and do things that are different from the ways that we have done them before.  Also in order to see ourselves differently, we will need to think differently and in order to think differently, we will need to educate ourselves differently and organize ourselves differently than we do today.

What my blogs will deal with will be a number of topics dealing with the various issues of concern to me personally as well as those that confront us all. I will also present new ideas and concepts from art and art history to politics and education as well as economics and culture. But I will not just highlight the conditions and problems that we face, I will also offer solutions that I feel will allow us to effectively deal with them.