Art is the most Fundamental form of Human Expression

Because human beings are fundamentally visual, art is the most fundamental form of human expression. Our forms of writing and number systems are all derived from the use of art. All other forms of human visual expression are, to a fundamental degree, based on an artistic representation of the things that they are trying to convey. Art provides us with the symbols that we use to explore our existence. 

Two Functions of Art

Historically art has had one of two functions. It has traditionally been used to reinforce existing social, political and religious norms by giving the people a visual representation of the way that things should be. In the 19th and especially the 20th century art has also been used to question politics and society as well as the nature of human understanding itself.

Everyone Believes they already know what Art is

A fundamental problem with the understanding of art is that everyone believes that they already know what art is and therefore, what is not art. This is because we human being are fundamentally visual. This visual identification defines for us what is good art and what is not good art.

Art is a Language that we need to first learn

What is Art? This is a response that many people have that can’t make heads or tails of the contemporary art scene. What they don’t realize is that art today is less about want they think art is and more there own reaction to the art. Modern art is a language that first must be learned. Only then dose a person develop an understanding of what the artist was trying to say. 

Art, the most Human of all Human Activities

Art is the most human of all human activities, because everything human begins with the use of art in some form or fashion. We think through art. Art allows us to think with no restrictions. Through the use of art we explore the world around us. It is the method that we use to thinking abstractly when we have no other means available to us. 

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