Art Is What Makes Us Human

Art is not an afterthought!  It is instead the thing that gives our thoughts substance. It provides us with the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells that define our reality for us. We are as much the result of our art as our art is a result of us. Our art is what makes us human.

Personal Update

Dear reader, I have been having computer problems and it looks like I will have to take my computer in for servicing which apparently is a two-week process. Therefore, unfortunately, I will have to discontinue blogging for two-weeks until I get my computer back. But I will leave you with this thought, “ If you can imagine a better world you can make a better world”. Till next time! 

New Blogsite Format

Welcome to my new blogsite format. When you logon to my website you will begin to see some of my artwork on display. This is a new feature on my site which will eventually lead to a permanent galley site in which I plan to show my work regularly. I hope you will enjoy it.

Soon my blogsite will also feature a regular podcast in which I will be talking about the issues and providing some solutions that I feel will help us achieve a better future for us all. Until then I hope you enjoy the podcast of the artwork of my fellow artist and friend Farzad Kohan.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Man’s Inhumanity to Man Panel Discussion

On Saturday, April 18, 2009 at the Brand Library in Glendale, California at 2pm I will be participating in a panel discussion on man’s inhumanity to man. This will be the discussion portion of the art exhibition titled “Man’s Inhumanity to Man’. We will be discussing not only the various genocides perpetrated throughout history but also how we can prevent them from happening in the future. It should be a lively and informative discussion that everyone is invited to attend. Come early and join the interactive gallery walkthrough at 11am as well as participate in the question and answer session with the artists. It should be an exciting and informative day that you will undoubtedly enjoy very much. Hope to see you there!

Man’s Inhumanity to Man

Yesterday I attended a great art exhibit titled” Man’s Inhumanity to Man”.  It dealt with what seems to be humanity’s destructive nature in destroying what we feel is not like us, what is different and, therefore, useless to how we view the world. It forces us to look deep into our souls and see what not only makes us different from those that would perpetrate atrocities but also what makes us similar to them.  It was a very moving experience that I recommend to everyone that can attend. 

Art and a Green Economy

Art can be used to promote a green economy. Art can be used economically by providing us with a means of reinventing ourselves carbon free. Art in the form of performances and exhibitions and the like can be used to generate economic activity.

That could be used as a foundation upon which to grow a larger economy. Art could be used to provide a cottage industry of various works of art that could provide for a local economy that would be able to supply a foundation upon which an extended economy could develop.

Art as Commodity

Because of the nature of the art industry, art has become a commodity. And like a commodity, it is in constant search for something new and different to offer the public. Today because of our market orientated society one of the problems is that we tend to see everything as a commodity and art is no exception.

Art is the most Personal form of human Expression

Art allows people to express themselves in their own way. This is what makes art so fundamentally gratifying to all those that religiously pursue it.

Art, the most Underutilized Form of Human Activity

Art is the most underutilized form of human activity. We tend to see art only as a reflection of the past and not that it can also be a harbinger of the future. Art gives us the ability to think in new and unforeseen ways. Therefore, art can give us the kind of collective vision that we need to show us the way to a new common understanding of ourselves that will allow us to recreate that kind of society and world that we hope to achieve.

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