New Conditions Require a New Way of Educating

In a time when the new conditions that we face are global in nature, it will require a new way of educating ourselves to be able to even see ourselves within this new reality. Therefore, in order to extend our educational capabilities, we need to create a new educational system that can meet the increasing needs of society and its students.


We need to create a new parallel education system that can augment our current education system. It would have to work in concert with today’s educational systems so that they could nourish each other. It would also have to be a decentralized and flexible system because it would also have to be able to establish itself around the needs of the student as well as those of society and its institutions. And it would have to be able to locate itself anywhere the educational need called for them to be applied. 

Rethinking our Education system

Our current education system is over-stretched and out of focus. It was designed to educate us about the things of the past. And therefore it has been about disseminating the ideas of the past and not to transcend them.


Institutions reflect the ideas of the era in which they were formed. Therefore, today’s education system is a result of the time that created it. Our education system today, like all education systems in general, was formed to reinforce the ideas of the past in the name of maintaining the present. Because education systems in general were not structured to think of tomorrow as something not directly linked to the past, they could not see the future for the past.


This preoccupation with the past has determined our way of thinking about the function of education. Because our current education system is backward looking it finds it difficult to cope with the changing situations that it and today’s students find themselves in.


While in some cases this connection with the past is necessary as a foundation, in terms of envisioning a new future beyond our past, our education system was not designed to create something different from the past.


To overcome the problems that tomorrow will bring, we will need a new way of seeing ourselves beyond the ways of the past.  In order to create a new future, what will be required is to create an education system that will allow us to separate ourselves from our past. This will require that we develop new ways of thinking about the future that will allow us to visualize ourselves differently than we have in the past.

We Need a New Way of Providing Education

In a world that is continually changing, the challenges that will be faced by us must be preceded by a new way of seeing. Therefore, instead of everyone adhering to a single educational standard that tends to fail more than educate, I suggest that we create many different types of educational standards to tap the abilities of the people that we will need to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.


To meet these new challenges will require that we tap all of our human capabilities, which will necessitate developing the many different ways of education needed to establish them. What I am proposing is opening up education to new ways of providing our educational needs that will give us the flexibility needed to allow us to change with the needs of society.


This would allow us to provide ourselves with multiple forms of education that will permit us to take advantage of our strengths, which will allow us to reinvent ourselves in new ways. This open form of education would permit us to unleash our human potential and obtain for ourselves what is now unattainable. 

A Diploma that Grows with the Holder

The educational problems that we face today have resulted in only 50% of high school graduates actually receiving a diploma and an increasingly disaffected teacher corps as well as dissatisfied parents. The growing number of young people that are not receiving a high school diploma has reached crises proportion. In a time when the need for an ever-increasing level of education has become a must, our current system of diploma granting is left sorely lacking.


In an era of increasing need for continuing education just to keep up with the changing needs that the challenges of tomorrow with bring, we need a totally new form of diploma granting system. This system must be one that could tailor itself to the needs of the students that would be receiving them.  Since it is better to have a diploma than not, every student should receive some degree of diploma that they could then augment over their lifetime.


Because of our increasing drop-out rate and if we are going to provide those students that have fallen behind and need an avenue back into the mainstream or those that just want to a career improvement to be able to successfully achieve their goals, we need to provide everyone with a diploma that they can personally build on, it is paramount that we create a new type of resume diploma that can meet everyone’s needs


These new diplomas I call resume diplomas because they would be able to grow with the holder. This way a resume diploma would be able to stand for so much more then successfully completing a set of courses although it should also include it.  It would also show a person’s overall capabilities that would change as they go through life.


Resume diplomas would actually better reflect the actual overall capabilities of the holder then a standard diploma would, that my have been granted many years ago. Resume diplomas would be modeled diplomas that would be designed to reflect not only each person’s capabilities but also their possibilities.


Instead of each student having to be judge by a single standard, a resume diploma granting system would be one that could be issued according to the accomplishments and capabilities of the holder’s academic achievements and experience. This would create a diploma system that could be issued for a variety of criteria allowing resume diplomas to be tailored to the accomplishments of the holder.

A New Way of Educating Ourselves

We are entering a new era that will thrust upon us a new way of seeing ourselves, which will require a new way of educating ourselves to meet the needs that a new tomorrow will bring. What I will be discussing in my forthcoming education blog is the nature of education and how we should create new educational institutions that would allow us to meet the educational needs in our future.

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