Art Is What Makes Us Human

Art is not an afterthought!  It is instead the thing that gives our thoughts substance. It provides us with the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells that define our reality for us. We are as much the result of our art as our art is a result of us. Our art is what makes us human.

[x] Cultural Entrustment

Another example of social entrustment would be our cultural entrustment. Social trusts could be formed to maintain our existing cultures. This would allow all those that would wish to maintain a particular type of ethnicity or community to entrust themselves together in order to achieve it.

Social entrustment could also be used to form new types of cultures designed to achieve particular results and maintain them. This would allow new cultures to form around the needs of particular interests like the arts and sciences as well as developing certain professions or producing new ones.

[x] Educational Entrustment

Another example of an entrusted form of self-government would be the social entrustment of our educational industry. Education could be entrusted in various ways.  It could be entrusted along grade levels or subjects.  It could also be applied in a tailored way to the needs of the student and the community that it is intended to service.

By entrusting together our educational interests and concerns, we would be bringing together the students with their teachers in ways that would allow teachers to maximize their creative teaching potential. This would allow them to develop new pedagogies and curriculums that could be tailored to the particular need of each student and the type of degree that they were seeking.

At the primary and secondary levels of education, educational trusts would bring together the parents, students, teachers, schools and educational institutions to be able to provide the best educational experience for all concerned. At the higher levels of education, educational trusts would become educational environments in which the student would be able to immerse him or herself in the subject until they had achieved what would be required for the type of degree that they were seeking.

(pt6) Forming Governments That Work For The People

Societies work for those for whom they were created. That’s why monarchies worked well for monarchs and democracies worked well for the bourgeoisie and religious societies worked well for their clerics. This means that if a society designed to work for the people is to be created, then it must be formed by the people that it is meant to serve.

Therefore, these future societies would have to be designed around their people’s common needs and wants. That means that these new societies would need to be formed by those they would be meant to serve. The only mechanism that would be capable of allowing for different societies to development independently at the same time would be a social and political market mechanism upon which the various societies of the future would have to develop themselves. This would make our future societies flexible enough to be applied to any situation and for any reason.

For the kind of flexible future societies to develop that would be capable to apply itself to the common problems of its members, they would have to come to see each other as existing within a mutual relationship where each member sees their relationship to the others in a cooperative way where they support each other in achieving their mutual goals.

Personal Update

Dear reader, I have been having computer problems and it looks like I will have to take my computer in for servicing which apparently is a two-week process. Therefore, unfortunately, I will have to discontinue blogging for two-weeks until I get my computer back. But I will leave you with this thought, “ If you can imagine a better world you can make a better world”. Till next time! 

Merit pay for Teachers

What is the problem with education? Is it the lack of quality teachers that so many have been taught to believe is the culprit? Or is it the educational congestion that teachers and school districts are forced to deal with because of the government’s and the public’s refusal to fund schools adequately. Might it not be the overcrowding and lack of facilities in our schools?


What kind of instruction do you think that you could provide in a classroom with 35 to 40 students per class and the same amount of time per class? How about dealing with students whose parents either refuse or are unable to get involved in their children’s lives and to care for their emotional needs and leave it up to the teachers and schools to deal with? If we want teachers to be creative and provide our children with the kind of education that they deserve, then we must supply them and their teachers with the facilities and work environment that they need in order to achieve it.

The Need for Educational Experimentation

Creating an educational system that could change and grow as the needs of society and students change is what will be needed to meet the many changes that tomorrow will bring. We have yet to understand the full possibilities that new forms of education could provide us with. Therefore, we must create an educational environment that will allow for the greatest degree of educational experimentation to occur.

To create a world in which everyone will have a place, we need to make everyone part of the process. This will require that we incorporate the capabilities of as many people as we can in the construction of their own institutions. If we are going to provide education to all of the people, then we will need new ways of educating ourselves, which will allow us to develop our various capabilities. 

A Totally New Way of Educating People

A flexible education system would demand the creation of a totally new way of educating people, one that could be tailored to their needs and that of the industries that would employ them. It would have to be as flexible as the needs of the students that it would be servicing. It would also have to be able to gear itself to the changing requirements of the various industries of society. This type of education system would individualize education to the needs of the student as well as to the institutional necessities of the industries within society.


This is exactly the type of educational system that I propose because it would create the educational diversity needed to change with society and each student’s educational needs. This type of education system would allow us to take advantage of each student’s natural learning capabilities as well as the creative potential of their teachers. This would allow us to tailor educational services to fit the needs of society’s institutions, business, and of course each student’s personal requirements which would allow us to maximize our full human potential.


By individualizing education, we would be able to develop the individual ability of every member of society by tailoring education to the various educational needs of society, its students, and their teachers. This would allow education to adapt itself and change with the educational needs of its students and society. Each generation would then be able to create an education system tailored to their own needs, which would provide them with the particular personal and generational needs that they would require for themselves.

Making Education Flexible and Relevant

The time to tailor degrees to the abilities of the student instead of forcing every student to conform to a single standard has come. In a world with increasing complexity, the instruction of society in a method devised to conform to a single standard is not only shortsighted but also wasteful. Tomorrow will require that we be able to recreate ourselves many times over which will necessitate that we have available to us the means necessary to reinvent ourselves. The educational systems that we have in place today were not designed to deal with the complex needs that a global tomorrow will require.


The world is entering a time of increasing change when the need for a flexible education system that can tailor itself to the needs of both the industries of society as well as the individual needs of those that will be staffing them, will continually increase. Tomorrow’s industries will need to be able to organize themselves to fit the particular requirements of specific projects and programs that they would be designed to provide. This would require that those people that were to staff these new types of industries would also have to be as flexible as the industries that need them. 

Augmenting our Education System in New Ways

We have entered a time when education is becoming evermore important and our current education systems can’t keep up. We will need a new way of massively providing education to an increasingly larger part of the population. In a world that will require a new way of looking at ourselves, we will need an education system that will be capable of growing and changing with the needs of the public.


To achieve this, a new way of educating ourselves must precede it. What I am proposing is a radically new way of educating ourselves that will unleash our potential. This would allow us to envision what we now can’t even image, which will permit us to obtain what is now unattainable to us.


We need a new way of educating ourselves, one that is flexible and will allow us to take advantage of our strengths as well as shore-up our weaknesses. Therefore, instead of everyone going for a single standard, I suggest that we create many standards to fit our many possibilities. This would allow many different forms of education to development to meet the varied needs that the public will have.

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