Political Entrustment As Buffer Political System

A personalized form of government would be one that could tailor itself around the needs of the person it was created to serve. It would be a buffer government system inserted between the people and the governments under whose jurisdiction they would reside. This buffer government system would be a political entrustment system that would politically represent the interests and concerns of people as well as help them obtain the types of services and products they needed. Political entrustment would be a system of privatized governments that people would hire to politically act in their behalf. Therefore, when a person had dealings with city, state or federal governments he or she would do it through their own personalized government provider hired to protect their interests.

Specific Government vs. General government

Historically there have only been general forms of governments, which have been one-size-fits-all forms of government where one form of government based on territorial jurisdiction dominates the entire system. This has left general forms of government with the same flaw, which is that it has allowed the powerful elements within society to also dominate and therefore, dictate what the government should be and whom it should be for. Therefore, historically this has resulted in our local, regional and national forms of government being bought and sold by the money interests of society. This is why people everywhere are now fed-up with their current forms of government that either cannot or will not work on their behalf.

What we need is a new level of specific form of personalized government, one that is directly responsible to the people that it represents. It must also be a personalized form of government, one that is receptive to the individual and collective needs of the people. These new forms of specific governments would be the personalized forms of government that the people would form among themselves. They would be under the direct control of those people that it was designed to politically represent.  It would act like a liaison government between the individual and the various city, county, state and federal governments that he or she would be living under.

Back Again And Better

Back Again and Better

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First I would like to excuse myself for my long absence. Medical problems and a push to complete my book is what prevented me from my regular blogging.

What I want to begin with is both a continuation of my past blogs and a new way of describing my new political, social and economic system that I feel will give my readers a better understanding of it. I will be giving my opinion on issues of concern to me as well as on news events of interest to me.

I will also be responding as much as time allows on comments made on my blogs. I hope that you will find my new format and direct participation of greater interest.

I’m looking forward to be hearing from you!

What Is Globalization

I will begin my global presentation by stating that each age is a reflection of its own time and globalization is no different.

For the first time in history our global problems have outstripped our national problems as a result of globalization.

The Economist magazine has called globalization “the most abused word of the 21st century.” No word in recent memory has meant so many things to different people. Some see it as a form of domination by transnational institutions that can only lead to a new kind of chaos. Others see it as a form of nirvana, a blessed state of universal peace and prosperity.

Since its first appearance in 1962 the term ‘globalization’ has gone from jargon to cliché. Globalization as defined by Webster’s dictionary, is “a process that renders various activities and aspirations worldwide in scope or application.”

Globalization Is Bringing Us Altogether

What I would like to present in my next group of blogs is the idea of globalism. The twentieth century has been the century that has brought the world closer together. Radio, moves, television and now the Internet have given the world an increasing common identity that has provided us with personal experiences that we can all identify with.  This global personal identity has been increased by the common global problems that we are all experiencing.

From the beginning of human history each age has been a reflection of the problems that formed it. Today is no exception. The problems that we are encountering today are global in nature and, therefore, require global solutions to resolve them. Achieving a global solution will herald in a new global world in which we will come to see that we are all members of a common human family with a common destiny that will lead us all. My up coming blogs will deal with this new globalization process and how we have come to this point as well as where it will take us.

Global Awareness

This year is the year of change. The global 99% movement and the Wall Street occupation movement as well as the other occupation movements have given us a global awareness that has ignited a call for global freedom and change that cannot be stopped.  We are coming to see that our common human problems are showing us that we are all members of the same human race with the same human conditions. This has provided us with a global awareness in which we see our growing similarities eclipse our perceived national and ethnic differences.

Finally Putting The People In Charge

The people are voicing their feelings around the world. We have reached a turning point. Will the people continue to be told what is in their best interest or will the people themselves determine their own future? The future calls for a new way of organizing ourselves that will actually put the people in charge of those that are supposed to operate on their behalf. I call for a new way of organizing ourselves that will put those that are to receive services in charge of those that are to provide it.  I propose that we reorganize ourselves in a new way in which we politically entrust ourselves to one another into political and government units that will be determined by the people that are to receive their services.

Obama: Bringing the Ideas of Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi to Politics

Because of his lack of aggressiveness, many of his own supporters have questioned President Barack Obama’s commitment to progressive causes. During a period when the financial stability of the nation and the world was at stake, the people needed to plug the holes in the system where those that were intimately involved with their formation were involved. This is exactly what President Obama did.

President Obama began by placing into positions of power some of the same people that at least allowed the conditions in our financial crisis to occur if not facilitated them. This resulted in stabilizing the financial markets and averting a financial collapse. He has also restarted the economy by beginning to rebuild our infrastructure and investing in a greener future. Should he not have staffed his financial positions with new progressive figures that would put the financial industry on its’ heels?

Having watched President Obama for a while now, I believe that I have detected the nature of a new kind of politics. I believe that I have detected the method of his madness. What I believe I have detected is the making of a whole new kind of political strategy, one based on allowing your opponent to discredit himself rather than directly confronting him.

This Obamaism, as I coin it, is more of an Akido where you use your opponent’s actions against himself rather than a boxing match where one tries to beat the other into submission. This is why I equate this new political strategy with Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. in that it uses the morality of ones position to reveal the immorality of your opponents.

Obamaism is a consensus building process, which is by nature a bottom-up process requiring bringing together people with divergent views. To accomplish this consensus building Obamaism is fundamentally about re-educating the public to the true motives of his opponents.

This re-education of the public would change their understanding of the true nature between themselves and their institutions, both public and private. The core of this new Obamaism would be based on the re-education of the public. This would be accomplished by allowing his opponents to reveal their true immoral nature by allowing them to discredit themselves in the eyes of the public.

Forcing his opponents to act out in public their frustrations and rage reveals to everyone their extreme and uncompromising nature. He allows the truthfulness of his position to reveal itself through the actions taken against him by his opponents, which allows him to maintain the moral high ground. This not only gets his opponents to delegitimize themselves, but it also leaves him unscathed with a sense of moral superiority over them.

I first took notice of this Obamaism political strategy during the presidential primary when candidate Obama was attacked by candidate Hillary Clinton, where candidate Barak Obama allowed candidate Hillary Clinton do all of the talking to the point where she sounded unreasonable and even spiteful. By Barack Obama not directly reacting to her, he was able to take the highroad, which made Hillary’s questioning of him seem petty and at times condescending. He won as much by winning the moral high ground, as it was the message that he conveyed.

Another example was his handling of the North Korean problem. Again, this Obama political strategy was based on allowing the North Koreans to show that they could not be trusted regardless of the promises they made. Once again he showed that by acting reasonable against an opponent that is unreasonable, one automatically takes the moral high ground. He allowed their own belligerence to force the countries of the region to act in their own behalf and form the consensus needed against their actions. This showed the difference between the immoral argument made by the North Koreans and the moral stand taken by the United States and the countries of the region.

His handling of the Iranian nuclear problem is another example of Obamaism. Apparently president Obama was briefed about Iran’s covert nuclear processing plant but didn’t reveal it until he had created the conditions that would leave him with the moral high ground. Iran was claiming that its program was for peaceful purposes and, therefore, they had every right to pursue the development of nuclear power.

Both the Russians and Chinese do a substantial business with Iran and, therefore, were reluctant to apply pressure in what seemed to be as much a moral dispute as it was a legal one. The President Obama then divulged to the public Iran’s clandestine nuclear enrichment plant. This made Iran seem dishonest which resulted in their losing any moral position that it had held in its argument.

The so-called healthcare debate is another example of the Obama political strategy at work. Here again he allows the moral high ground to move in his direction by gradually shifting it his way.

He has done this by refusing to respond to what are obviously absurd allegations made by the right. This has shown them to be primarily about destroying his presidency rather than actually helping the country through these trying times. These unanswered daily attacks have now become old and taken on the status of mantras without substance and only sound.

As the opponents to any kind of real health insurance reform and their constant attacking and demonization of the president, the Republicans have shown themselves to be more the representatives of the health insurance industry than the actual healthcare needs of their own constituencies.

The consensus building process in the health care reform debate was given to the Congress to deal with. This has resulted in providing the public with a front row seat in watching the inner-workings of legislation making. This has resulted in the public becoming disgusted with Congress and the whole legislative process.

He has allowed the Republicans to show the American people that they are the party of indifference and greed and the agents of the heath insurance companies that finance their campaigns and determine their political agenda. This has also shown the insurance companies for what they really are, profit making enterprises not benevolent institutions.

The next example of the Obama method of politics in action has been his dealings in the financial crises. He has given the banks everything that they wanted and they have shown themselves for what they really are, self-promoters and profiteers who are willing to take the taxpayers bailout money and give next to nothing in return.

On top of this indifference, they have also shown their total indifference to the plight of the country by refusing to perform their fiduciary responsibility as the providers of capital, and instead gave themselves the largest bonuses in history without any regard for where the money came from.

The banking industry has shown the American people just who and what they really are. We now understand the relationship between us the people and the banking industry. No longer will the banks be seen as the pillars of society and the paragons of trust within society. They are now seen as just another industry based on greed that is willing to exploit their costumers’ misery and despair for profit.

Now again President Obama has shown the country and the world not only the true interests of the Republican Party. He has also shown the true nature of the greed and indifference of the republican’s wealthy pay-masters. By giving the republicans the tax cuts that they wanted for the very wealthy, he has also shown their lack of patriotism and their favoring investing in foreign interests rather than in the interests of the American people.

President Obama, now has victories for the American people like health care, extending unemployment, and the repeal of “don’t ask don’t tell” as well as many others behind him. He will now be able to take the moral high ground in defense of the interests of the American people when confronting those that have shown their total indifference to the needs of the American people. Congratulation Mister President! It seems as though you do own a light-saber.

The Need For A National Service Corps

The private sector has failed to meet its social responsibility toward the nations that licensed them and the people that produced their product for them and consumed the products that resulted in making them wealthy.

The unemployment rate is a direct result of the social irresponsibility of those that dominate the private sector. The callous disregard for the welfare of the people that make their existence possible has shown that business as it is now constituted is not an institution that people can rely on to provide them with a stable future that they can count on.

What is needed is a system that can counter the negative effects of the free market without destroying the free enterprise system. Unemployment is one of the major effects that must be dealt with and this could be handled by establishing a national service corps that could be used to absorb the excess unemployment until the private sector is hiring again.

While within the national service corps, people could be used to provide labor for national purposes as well as provide a labor source that they could hire from. By being able to provide their labor through the national service corps, people would be able to function as a collective barging unit that would be able to negotiate the terms for their employment with the industries that would wish to hire them.

This ability of a national service corps to be able to absorb excess labor in bad times as well as allow labor to collectively bargain for its members so as to be able to market itself to industry in terms favorable to the workers in good times, would be able to provide the people with a mechanism that could protect them from abuse as well as organize them into public service when called for during bad times.

Hello Again! I’m Back

Let me apologize for my absence from blogging but family and personal matters have prevented me from being able to think clearly enough to blog regularly. While I won’t be blogging every day for a while, I will be blogging several times a week.

After blogging about the ideas in my forthcoming book “Cosmopoly” I’ve decided to begin blogging on a much wider range of topics that I believe will help us develop a better future for us all.  I will be referring to the ideas contained within my book and responding to the comments made.

In the future I would also like to expand my blogging to areas that I feel will help present the reader with a broader view of my ideas and give him or her a better understanding of how they could be used to help meet the broader issues that confront us. So thank you for your patience and your continued future reading of my blogs.

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