Back in the Saddle Again

I’m Back! I’ve been out sick for the past few days but I’m feeling much better now and ready to start off this new and exciting year with interesting blogs and exciting new ideas, so stay tuned. 

Somali Pirates or Not?

Ah! Somali pirates those scalawags! This is the way that we have come to see the Somalis lately.  And considering our natural inclination for the pirate stories of old and their swashbuckling tails of adventure on the high seas, pirate stories are a natural for us because we love pirates even when we hate them.

Therefore, describing what the Somalis were doing as piracy made sense in a media driven way because there was already a market for it. So describing what the Somalis were doing as piracy made a complicated situation simple.

Now what has come out in “The Independent” (U.K.), is that the so-called Somali pirates are actually fisherman trying to defend themselves from what they see as a direct attack on their lives and livelihoods. It appears that certain unscrupulous European hospitals were having a hard time trying to dispose of their radioactive waste, so they subcontracted their disposal problems to the Italian Mafia. The Mafia then took advantage of the fact that Somalia doesn’t have a navy to stop them, in fact they don’t even have much of a government to do anything about it. Therefore, their disposal off the Somali coast was safe and profitable.

Also, because of the lack of a proper navy to patrol its own waters, factory trawlers have been fishing out Somali waters with no limits imposed on them. The Somali fisherman in order to protect their own waters from over fishing and illegal dumping, attacked the ships that they felt were responsible and therefore owed them payment.

Art is the most Basic Form of Human Thinking

Art is the most basic form of human thinking. It permits us to record our visual thinking process. It gives us a visual approximation of things and how we see the world. Therefore, it provides us with a means of expressing ourselves in ways that we cannot express in words.

A Chance to Fundamentally Rethink Society

The tough times ahead of us have provided us with a unique opportunity to actually build the kind of societies that we want. Our global economic crisis, climate change and global interdependence have all contributed to the formation of a new global reality that has overshadowed the needs and wants of our natural realities and made them irrelevant.


The ways of the past cannot be the ways of the future, which will require a different way of seeing ourselves. This is a time for us to rethink just what kind of society we want for ourselves.   We need to reevaluate the kind of life that we want to have.  Do we want to go back to the hectic past where conspicuous consumption was seen as the reason for life? Or do we want to create a more harmonious way of life?

Thanksgiving Day Greeting

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Welcome to my website!

The purpose of this website is to contribute to the ongoing discussions concerning the many issues of the day. By publicizing my ideas I hope that they will add to a better understanding of the problems we face as well as contribute to how we can over come them.

Throughout human history when the need to change has become painfully apparent, change does occur. This is just such a time. The pressures of the global age and the problems that have resulted from it are forcing us to re-evaluate just who we are as human beings, as well as what our role within the world really is.

No one is able to predict the future and I am no exception, but the future can be guided in the direction that we wish it to go.  The way we see ourselves has always determined the kind of society that has developed around us. Therefore, the way that we see ourselves in the present will determine the kind of societies that will develop in the future.

To see ourselves differently will require that we see and do things that are different from the ways that we have done them before.  Also in order to see ourselves differently, we will need to think differently and in order to think differently, we will need to educate ourselves differently and organize ourselves differently than we do today.

What my blogs will deal with will be a number of topics dealing with the various issues of concern to me personally as well as those that confront us all. I will also present new ideas and concepts from art and art history to politics and education as well as economics and culture. But I will not just highlight the conditions and problems that we face, I will also offer solutions that I feel will allow us to effectively deal with them.

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